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Traditionally, commercial flight bookings are managed by INX InFlight, producing a flight manifest which is manually sent (or scheduled to be sent) to the Travel Management Company (TMC) who will in turn make the individual commercial flight bookings via a Global Distribution System (GDS), such as Amadeus, Sabre or Travelport.

INX +TMX replaces the manual process of emailing or faxing the flight manifest generated by INX InFlight by allowing travel administrators to simultaneously book hundreds of flights themselves. 

For our customers, this closed-loop integration represents a major cost saving and process improvement. By cutting the manual flight booking process out, our customers not only save money on transaction fees but also remove the administration burden that has historically gone with FIFO and roster management. 

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Efficient for you and your TMC

Travel administrators will no longer have to email the flight manifest through to the Travel Management Company. INX InFlight +TMX automates the entire process for you, saving you time and money.

Reduce transaction fees

Using TMCs to book travel is expensive. INX InFlight +TMX automatically books the travel for you through Serko’s online booking tool saving you thousands of dollars in transaction fees.

Improve efficiency

Less double handling and manual processing means greater efficiency. INX InFlight +TMX is there to work for you and save you time.

Interfaces with various GDS

INX InFlight +TMX doesn’t restrict you to using a single global distribution system (GDS). Whether you use Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Travelport or anything else, INX InFlight +TMX can work for you.

Automatically updates profiles

Double entry of data is a time-consuming process that often leads to error. Operating off the same centralized database as INX InFlight, INX InFlight +TMX ensures that all profiles will be automatically updated, guaranteeing smoother operations.

Automate booking requests and confirmations

Allow people to submit booking requests that follow set workflows to notify the right people. If confirmed they will be automatically notified and their calendar and itinerary updated accordingly.

From the Same Database

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Integration by Serko

Serko is the Australasian leader in online travel bookings. INX InFlight +TMX uses the flight manifest generated by InFlight and exchanges this with the GDS of choice through Serko’s booking tool.

Pushed to mobile

As profiles are updated within INX InFlight they are also updated through the INX InFlight mobile application. That means people can see their flight, roster and accommodation calendar and itineraries wherever they are, from the palm of their hand.

3rd Party Integrations

INX is often integrated with third party tools and programs to automatically update relevant information where required in the product as part of our projects. Successful integrations mean that system administrators can avoid entering the same data into multiple systems and speed up routine data level tasks, saving significant time and money.

INX and Serko - better together

Serko Online is Australasia’s leading online booking tool for large organisations. The Online Booking Tool (OBT) allows travel administrators and travelers to book flights, accommodation and hire cars anywhere in the world through an easy-to-use web interface. 

Serko Online also supports powerful Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) booking functionality that allows FIFO administrators to book hundreds of commercial flights simultaneously using an Excel-based import template. 



With booking automation, organisations in the mining, energy and resources sector can dramatically cut costs and improve productivity. Serko has worked closely with INX Software to deliver an integrated booking back-end for INX InFlight, called INX +TMX.

With INX +TMX, organisations can synchronise traveller profiles, automate flight bookings, receive immediate confirmation and allow travellers to review their flight and travel itinerary via the INX InFlight mobile application.




Once flight bookings are confirmed by Serko Online, INX InFlight is automatically updated and employees and contractors are able to review their roster, accommodation and flight itineraries, inclusive of commercial flights.

By using INX +TMX, organisations reduce booking time, save on transaction fees and dramatically streamline the process of managing FIFO rosters.

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