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8 things you can do if you’re Sitting too much at Work

8 things you can do if you're Sitting too much at Work - Intesafety - New Zealand - INX Software

Are you sitting too much?

We sit at our desks, we sit in our cars and then we sit to eat and watch TV. You’ve probably heard the saying that “sitting is the new smoking”. We are generally aware that sitting for long periods is not good for us.

Studies have shown that spending more than six hours seated can raise our blood pressure and can increase our likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and depression. Additionally, there are also the musculoskeletal problems that can occur – the sore back, neck, wrists, and so on!

With summer approaching if can feel a lot easier to get out and about in the evenings, but it is still important to move throughout the day.

If you find yourself sitting too much during the day, here are some tips for being proactive about moving your body at work.

Ideas for moving your body at work


Is your workstation set up correctly?

Poor workstation set up is a health and safety risk. Workstations that are set up with the correct positioning of equipment can prevent risk of injury and strain on the body.

Intesafety conduct workstation assessments in the Nelson region, including:

  • Workstation assessments and recommendations for new and existing staff
  • Workstation assessments following staff injury
  • Routine workstation reassessments

Where can I get more information?

Want to know more? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Intesafety >

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This article was originally published by Clare Radbourne from our New Zealand partners at Intesafety

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