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Canadian employers only spend an average of $1,300 on OHS

Canadian employers only spend an average of $1,300 on OHS - INX Software - Resources - Institute for Work and Health - Report

Value of health and safety

While the financial costs of work-related injury and illness are well known, limited information is available on what employers spend to control or eliminate the causes of work-related injury and illness. This Issue Briefing describes the results of a 2017 study to estimate occupational health and safety expenditures among employers from 17 economic sectors in Ontario, Canada.

What do employers spend to protect the health and safety of workers report

Employer expenditures on protecting worker health and safety are substantial in many sectors. Accurate information on employer expenditures and investments in OHS can help stakeholders understand the progress made over recent decades in the protection of worker health.

It can also provide sector benchmarks for employers and inform public policy aimed at influencing employer investments in OHS. This is what this report looks at.

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