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Complete a Sample Run with ease with the Latest 5.4 version of INX InViron

Simplify Safety

Sample Runs – Lab Data Imports

Any sampling results that are returned by the lab and imported by INX InViron will now include extra fields to account for method, method detection limit and the name of the lab completing the analysis. INX InViron can now also account for labs issuing preliminary results both in the user interface as well as within the automated import process.

When switched on and flagged as a preliminary results file, the results will be imported against the relevant sample reference preliminary field. Once the final results are returned from the lab, the import tool will import the results as usual, alongside the preliminary data to allow users to compare and review and discrepancies.

INX InViron - Lab Data Imports - INX Version 5.4

Sample Runs – Notifications

Notifications are now in place for upcoming sample due dates to ensure the relevant sampler(s) prepare for, and complete, the sample when due.

Link to INX InForm

INX InViron clients who also have INX InForm will now be able to link Sample Run activity to the relevant Obligations within INX InForm. The selection will be filtered by the user’s site security and includes searching capacity to assist users with sourcing the relevant obligation. the Reversely, users with INX InForm will be able to see all INX InViron Sample Run activity against select Obligation Details.


A new QA/QC report is now available from within the Sample Run Close Out function and standard Reports page.  This report is specific to lab related samples whereby users can flag results that were not returned from the lab where expected, comparison of the duplicate sample against its corresponding sample to review any discrepancies and preliminary results versus final where users have activated this setting.

And much more!

Several modifications were made to the way by which users can filter, access and extract the data within INX InViron being captured. Such items include expanding the data viewer record limitation on searches, lookup fields being permitted on the field log sheet, delete and other control and security role improvements.


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