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INX +Process - Version 5.4 - INX Software

INX Version 5.4 - What's New

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INX +Process - Version 5.4 - INX Software

What our clients are saying about INX Version 5

“INX Version 5 is a brilliant tool that makes our life so much easier. The clean and modern design makes navigation so easy. The event management process and new dashboards provides us with greater visibility over operations which has allowed for greater safety management and overall compliance. I would highly recommend Version 5!”

Costa Papadopoulos
Manager Health Safety Environment & Training
CBH Resources – RASP MINE


“We are currently using both INX InControl and INX InTuition to manage a range of tasks and activities across the specialised areas of health, safety, environment, training and emergency response. As an integrated solution which shares the same database makes managing these tasks far easier and in a much more user friendly manner. For anyone who is in the market for a solution that will simplify and improve data entry and control in the simplest and leanest way possible, you should look at INX Software. I would definitely recommend them as the number one HSEC workforce management solution on the market.”

Nicandro V. Robins
Health Safety and Training Superintendent

Our recent major upgrade to Version 5 features a tonne of great features which can be seen in the video below. We are excited to add to the features now available through our INX Version 5.4 release. Check out what’s new in the list below.

General Updates

Single Sign On (SSO)

You asked and we listened. We are excited to announce that Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available across INX InControl, INX InTuition, INX InFlight, INX InControl Mobile and INX +Process. When enabled, SSO allows users to use one username and password to access any web-based applications which have been setup. For example, you can login to Windows with your business account and instantly get access to the INX suite without having to login again. In Version 5.4, we have implemented a Microsoft-based SSO solution called ‘Active Directory Federation Services’ or ‘ADFS’, which can be enabled for free within your Windows Server product. Once this has been setup, INX works with your IT team to allow INX to connect to ADFS and provide a seamless integration between your local user accounts and the INX products. This update will be most beneficial to those on the INX Cloud (as you no longer require a separate username and password to login) however, SSO can also be enabled for self-hosted installations too.

INX InControl Mobile >

Release of the new INX InControl Mobile Application

INX InControl mobile has been updated using a new technology. The new application contains several exciting features:

  • A simplified process for creating checklists
  • Ability to assign actions
  • Personal Action Management
  • Automatic sync to INX InControl for configuration
  • Assign workgroups to events
  • A simplified registration process
  • Multi user login on one device
  • Multi device login for one user

INX Assessor (InTuition) Mobile >

Mobile compatibility with iOS 11

This version updates the underlying architecture to a 64 bit version to improve responsiveness and ensure compatibility with iOS11. It also features embedded sample forms, front-end access to the UUID8 code (required to register devices to INX person profiles) and a UI update to all existing assessments.

INX InViron >

Sample Runs – Lab Data Imports

Any sampling results that are returned by the lab and imported by INX InViron will now include extra fields to account for method, method detection limit and the name of the lab completing the analysis. INX InViron can now also account for labs issuing preliminary results both in the user interface as well as within the automated import process. When switched on and flagged as a preliminary results file, the results will be imported against the relevant sample reference preliminary field. Once the final results are returned from the lab, the import tool will import the results as usual, alongside the preliminary data to allow users to compare and review and discrepancies.

INX InViron - Lab Data Imports - INX Version 5.4

Sample Runs – Notifications

Notifications are now in place for upcoming sample due dates to ensure the relevant sampler(s) prepare for, and complete, the sample when due.

Link to INX InForm

INX InViron clients who also have INX InForm will now be able to link Sample Run activity to the relevant Obligations within INX InForm. The selection will be filtered by the users site security and includes searching capacity to assist users with sourcing the relevant obligation. the Reversely, users with INX InForm will be able to see all INX InViron Sample Run activity against select Obligation Details.


A new QA/QC report is now available from within the Sample Run Close Out function and standard Reports page.  This report is specific to lab related samples whereby users can flag results that were not returned from the lab where expected, comparison of the duplicate sample against its corresponding sample to review any discrepancies and preliminary results versus final where users have activated this setting.

And much more!

Several modifications were made to the way by which users can filter, access and extract the data within INX InViron being captured. Such items include expanding the data viewer record limitation on searches, lookup fields being permitted on the field log sheet, delete and other control and security role improvements.

INX InForm >

INX InControl Link

Clients harnessing INX InControl will see significant modifications to the INX InControl link as part of this INX InForm release.

INX InControl Link – Events

INX clients who have activated this link can see all INX InControl non-compliance related events within INX InForm that have referenced an obligation. INX InForm now has a dedicated space to look at all INX InControl events where an obligation is referenced such as audits, inspections, incidents and so on. These records can also be accessible against obligation details, providing users with a complete snapshot of activity against the obligation, inclusive of both modules.

INX InForm- Events (General) - INX Version 5.4

Users can filter INX InControl events by type, sub type, obligations and more.

INX InControl Link – Non-Compliance Events

As outlined above, the INX InControl link will capture all events that have referenced an INX InForm obligation. Obligation owners can now flag the INX InControl event types that may trigger a change in the compliance status of the referenced obligation. This activity is captured both on the Events Register and against the relevant Obligation Details.

Obligations – Status

Several new obligation date fields have been added to the Obligation Register to better account for the entire lifecycle of an obligation and its associated status such as application, granted, rejected, appealing, lapsed and expired. This new status management is also associated with notifications to ensure that changes and reminders are sent to the responsible person in due course.

Obligations – Regulators

Users can now record Stakeholders against obligations and flag who the key governing body is. This relationship also assists users when recording communications against the Obligation, filtering what Stakeholders can be selecting when adding a record.

Obligations – Close Out

Obligations can now be requested for close out individually or in a group. Responsible roles will then approve or reject requests for closure and upon closure, the obligations will become inactive. The system will track all changes as these requests move from one status to another until completion.

Obligations – INX InViron Link

Clients with INX InViron can now link samples to obligations. For clients who have this activated, Sample Runs can be visible from within the Obligation Details.


The Obligation Summary and Condition Summary standard reports have been updated to account for the new filters, fields and statuses that were developed within the system.

And much more!

Extra filtering capabilities have been added to all obligation related registers to allow for better analysis and extraction of content within the system that has extra functionality and detail being recorded. Tasks can now also be re-assigned in bulk from one user to another.

INX InHealth >

Site Security

Personnel health information is sensitive and often confidential, therefore there are many means within InHealth that allows users to cater to different user security profiles to preserve these records. This release will include an extra layer of security that allows users to build in site and/or project security to mirror their organisational structure across both occupational hygiene and medical surveillance functions. This security has been built into the following pages and associated content:

  • Clinic Overview
  • Health Monitoring Consultations & Calendar
  • Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Programs & Sampling
  • Data Viewer
  • Similar Exposure Groups

INX clients will be able to view their core site security design and assign to users accordingly without needing to maintain multiple structures.

Occupational Hygiene

Following on from the major version 5 release of INX InHealth, INX has made the following additions to this suite of functionality.

Occupational Hygiene – Data Viewer

Users can now review all occupational hygiene sampling related data on a new Data Viewer page. This page allows users to extract data using several filters and various combinations of queries within a single screen. Content can be exported to excel for further trending and analysis.

INX InHealth - Data Viewer - INX Version 5.4

Occupational Hygiene – Calculated Fields

Within administration, users can now flag data fields (or paramaters) as a calculated field with an associated calculation. When completing an occupational hygiene sample, once the paramaters that make up the calculated field are captured and the record saved, the system will automatically insert the result.

A calculated field can also be setup to include another calculated field. This allows users to cater to basic calculations such as totals and sums and then create an extra calculation on top of the first. These calculations can be as basic or detailed as the user defines.

Medical Surveillance

Several maintenance items were addressed within this component. This includes such things as provider roles, simplification of select buttons and screens and mandatory field modifications. INX has also improved consultation management functions such as rules around deleting and re-opening closed consultations.

INX +Process >

INX +Process enables staff and external contractors to log in and submit requests for mobilisation, travel and cancellations through a series of workflow screens. The requests can be configured for approval and finally the booking committed to InFlight without the InFlight Administrator having to manually enter any data.

There will be four workflows available:

Mobilisation Request

Allows contracting companies to create a profile, complete all site entry requirements, attach supporting documentation, request travel and accommodation, and submit the request for approval. Requests can then be returned to the initiator for additional details or approved and ready for review by the INX InFlight administrator. The final step in the process is for the INX InFlight administrator to review the request data and either update details or submit the information to the INX InFlight database.

New Booking Request

Users of the system, both internal staff and external contractors, can submit a new booking request for travel and accommodation through the new booking request. The request will follow an approval process and will be finalised by an administrator before being committed to the INX InFlight database.

Cancel Booking Request

This request allows the initiator to view all current bookings for a person across a selected date range and request any appropriate cancellations. After approval and finalisation, the information will be committed to the INX InFlight database where all flights and accommodation will be updated accordingly.

Edit Profile Request

This request allows users to log into INX +Process and request changes to the Person Profile. These changes include emergency contact details and also allow the initiator to request a profile to be deactivated if required.

Configuration Options

INX +Process allows users to configure fields as they wish to view them through the workflows with the ability to:

  • Make fields mandatory
  • Hide fields if required


INX +BI - Business Intelligence Dashboards - INX Version 5

Our personalised, easy to use, interactive dashboard tool, INX +BI, is now available across the following products:

  • INX InControl
  • INX InTuition
  • INX InFlight
  • INX InViron
  • INX InForm

INX Cloud >

With INX Cloud, we take all the stress and worry away from organising your own servers and maintaining your technical requirements which means you can start managing your workforce smarter and faster. INX Cloud is available for all new and existing clients and is available right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will an upgrade take?
    This largely depends on the size of your organisation and the number of INX products you have running. A standard upgrade typically takes as little as two days but will vary based on each customers individual requirements.
  2. Is training required?
    This is completely up to you and your company. We offer a range of training options for refresher training, new trainers, custom training or version upgrade training where we take you through the new functionality.
  3. Will the old INX InControl Mobile application work with Version 5.4?
    Yes however to access all the latest features and benefits we recommend an upgrade to the new INX InControl Mobile Application.
  4. Our company is currently using the INX InControl Mobile application, how do we get access to the latest and is there any cost involved?
    Our account management team will work with you to upgrade to the latest application. An incremental upgrade in your annual SaaS fee may be required. For more information and a detailed upgrade plan, please contact us here >.
  5. Which browsers are compatible with Version 5.4?
    INX Version 5.4 is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows Edge.
  6. How can I get started on an upgrade?
    Simply speak to your account manager or contact our team here >

Version 5.4 V Version 4

See what’s new in Version 5.4 compared to Version 4 here

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