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INX 5.2.5 General Release – Version Release Notes

Version Release Notes

Here at INX Software, we continue to develop our solution products to ensure you stay up to date with the latest features, enhancements to functionality and improvements. In this INX 5.2.5 release, we have focused on improving the components of our continuously evolving products. These include the following:

1. INX +Process

Full translation support for INX +Process system and workflows.

2. Introduction of the feature bar.

The feature bar allows users to easily access key information released by INX Software. This includes being able to submit feature requests, access the latest release notes for our products and versions, access the support page and see the latest solutions available to assist users in their role.

3. Product Selector

The Product Selector allows users to quickly jump between any of their INX products including our newer modules; INX +BI and INX InNovate. The selector is currently available from within INX +Process, INX InControl, INX InFlight and INX InTuition.

5.2.5 INX Version release Feature

4. Online Help

We’ve updated our online help to a much more user friendly interface that has help listed by product. You can now also conduct a free text search to find the help topics you’re looking for far easier. Users can access this directly from their product using the help button displayed above the main menu.

INX Software - Online Help


This version was released on the 16th June 2017.

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