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Manage your Occupational Health and Hygiene with the latest 5.4 version of INX InHealth

Occupational Health and Hygiene

Site Security

Personnel health information is sensitive and often confidential, therefore there are many means within InHealth that allows users to cater to different user security profiles to preserve these records. This release will include an extra layer of security that allows users to build in site and/or project security to mirror their organisational structure across both occupational hygiene and medical surveillance functions. This security has been built into the following pages and associated content:

  • Clinic Overview
  • Health Monitoring Consultations & Calendar
  • Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Programs & Sampling
  • Data Viewer
  • Similar Exposure Groups

INX clients will be able to view their core site security design and assign to users accordingly without needing to maintain multiple structures.

Occupational Hygiene

Following on from the major version 5 release of INX InHealth, INX has made the following additions to this suite of functionality.

Occupational Hygiene – Data Viewer

Users can now review all occupational hygiene sampling related data on a new Data Viewer page. This page allows users to extract data using several filters and various combinations of queries within a single screen. Content can be exported to excel for further trending and analysis.

INX InHealth - Data Viewer - INX Version 5.4

Occupational Hygiene – Calculated Fields

Within Administration, users can now flag data fields (or parameters) as a calculated field with an associated calculation. When completing an occupational hygiene sample, once the parameters that make up the calculated field are captured and the record saved, the system will automatically insert the result.

A calculated field can also best up to include another calculated field. This allows users to cater to basic calculations such as totals and sums and then create an extra calculation on top of the first. These calculations can be as basic or detailed as the user defines.

Medical Surveillance

Several maintenance items were addressed within this component. This includes such things as provider roles, simplification of select buttons and screens and mandatory field modifications. INX has also improved consultation management functions such as rules around deleting and re-opening closed consultations.

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