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As the world becomes more and more globalised, and trade between countries and continents continues to increase the logistics, freight, and supply chain industries have to keep up with our shipping demands. The interconnected network of travelling cargo and shipped goods in transit is steadily on the rise, and thus poses new challenges within the industry; how can our demands be met and at the same time manage the workforce that makes it all happen better?  

Have a look at the below infographic to find out why effective global logistics are important to many organisations operating globally:

The Facts behind Global Logistics

As companies expand and operations grow, the ability to manage larger workforces becomes more complex. The coordination and scheduling of travel rosters (flights, buses, boats, helicopters, cars etc.) is a time-consuming and demanding task for the logistics personnel.

With our Logistics solutions INX InFlight, INX InFlight Mobile, and INX +TMX, companies are able to track and manage remote vehicles and drivers to ensure greater safety for remote vehicle operations through the management of vehicle, driver and journey assessments and compliance.

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