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Working with Consolidated Minerals (Environmental) – Case Study

Case Study - Consolidated Minerals

Case Study - Consolidated Minerals

Consolidated Minerals (Consmin) is one of the leading manganese ore producers, with operations in Australia and Ghana. Managing over 400 employees and contractors in exploration, mining, processing and sale of manganese ore activities in multiple locations, health and safety is a top priority.

That’s why ensuring safety on sites in a flexible and simplified manner has always been of vital importance for Consmin. Yet using a range of spreadsheets to gather all their necessary information, such as registers, key performance indicators (KPIs) and statistics, was proven to be not the most effective and efficient way of capturing relevant information and maintaining data.

This is where a new integrated solution would make all the difference and offer the fit-for-purpose and flexibility which Consmin were looking for. INX Software was chosen by Consmin exactly for this purpose, and for our extensive range of workforce and business functionality, integrated nature and flexibility in user configuration.

Working together to find the right solution to suit the ever changing nature of the organisation, found that an intuitive solution would be most beneficial; one that would encourage immediate usability by staff, offer the flexibility to integrate with existing business practices, and deliver a high level and extensive reporting.

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