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  • View meaningful data through personalised, easy to use, interactive dashboards for improved understanding and decision making. 

    INX +BI assists the entire workforce management process by simplifying reporting and graphing through a single screen, drill-down dashboard display.  

    Gathering information on day-to-day operations is typically a time-consuming and complex task. This generally relies on multiple people, spreadsheets and systems but with INX +BI this is all managed for you in one place, on one screen. Your management meetings are now sorted!

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    • INX Software


      View meaningful data captured across the INX product range through personalised, easy-to-use, interactive dashboards for improved understanding and decision making.

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  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.6 - Version Release


    The latest Version 5.6 release is here, and we're excited to share with you some new key features and updates, which include: 

    • Obligations selector
    • Copy exposure hours from INX InFlight
    • JPEG preview on documents tab
    • Prerequisites, equivalences and exceedances
    • Suspended training requirements
    • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
    • Travel confirmation (update)
    • Cleaning roster preview (update)
    • Rename security users (update)
    • Multi-site, outgoing flight for other work port default (update)
    • Person accommodation saving duplicates (update)
    • Accommodation wait listing (update)
    • Clinic register
    • Health monitoring register
    • Health calendar
    • Simplified mobilisation work-flow
    • Simplified and amended roster change & new booking work-flow
    • Simplified work-flow cancellation
    • Enrol trainees in course when procedures are about to expire
    • Additional fields captured in INX +LMS profile
    • Upgrade to archive plug-in
    • Event custom fields in reports and graphs

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Features Included
Filtering tools
Over 50+ data visualisation types
Schedule alerts
100% web based & mobile friendly
Drag & drop functionality
Drill-down enabled
Create your own reports
Create your own dashboards
Export in PDF, Word & Excel
Branded reporting
Secure access
Private & public dashboards
Advanced formatting options
Multiple charts
Pre-built injury and event management dashboards linked to INX InControl
Storyboard for management meeting (replacing PowerPoint)
Regular updates
Fully integrated with INX security (role dependent)

Your reporting requirements sorted

From hours to seconds

Don’t waste your time on building Excel reports, typing data and building tables. INX +BI does it all for you and is even smart enough to determine which chart is most suitable for the data you are dealing with.

A dashboard for you

No more ‘one size fits all’. With INX +BI you can produce the graphs and layouts that you want in as many dashboards as you like.

Share and collaborate

Create your own dashboards and reports and share this with approved colleagues. We go beyond the traditional email and links and provide the tools that allow you to embed your reports into blogs, wikis and portals.

Improve visibility and ensure compliance with INX +BI

Comment and action

Review and respond to charts and information by adding your own comments and assigning tasks to people based on what you see directly from the dashboard.


Presentation mode

Use the storyboard tool to add images, videos, graphics and fully interactive reports to present data in a more powerful PowerPoint style to managers and in meetings.


Ready to go for INX

No more setting up charts, graphs and data sources. Data that is managed within INX is automatically filtered and pushed into your dashboards and reports for you to use right away. 


Your out of office assistant

Out of the office or have a monthly report due? Not to worry. Use the schedule function to create reports and select who should receive it and when.

Improved decision making

Display all the key data vital to your operations in the one place. The drill down functionality ensures you can find out exactly what is going on and why so you can identify trends action change.


Minimal training, if any, required

Our team will set up your dashboards so they’re ready to go. The intuitive design and layout will ensure you will be building your own reports and dashboards in minutes.


Safe and secure

INX +BI runs in a secure environment and is fully integrated with your INX role security as set by your organisation. With roles set across dashboard consumers, designers and administrators your data will only be seen by the right people.


Mobile friendly

Not only are the dashboards cleanly displayed on your desktop but they are also supported on mobile with native apps for iPhone, iPad and HTML5 Android.


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