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  • Simplify the management of change process, foster innovation and mitigate organisational risk through our collaborative, systematic solution, INX InNovate.

    The INX InNovate is designed to foster innovation by providing users with the ability to post Ideas and Change Initiatives. Through a structured workflow with defined associated roles at each stage, organisations can formally review, approve and implement such change initiatives through to closure. 

    With a structured workflow and responsibilities, INX InNovate helps organisations to not only drive change, but ensure that it is done so in an industry acceptable standard. 

    There are two core parts of the system that can be managed independently of one another or in conjunction, depending on user requirements. These components include:

    Ideas Portal: The Ideas Portal allows users to post and manage Ideas across any discipline. The wider user group can provide feedback and vote for ideas prior to entering a formal process of review, analysis, approval and finalisation.

    Change Portal:The Change Portal allows users to record and manage change. It builds on from the Ideas Portal and focuses on the formal review, approval and implementation of change initiatives as Modifications.

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  • 3rd Party Integrations


    Enterprise Resource Planning

    SAP ERP is enterprise resource planning software that incorporates the key business functions of an organisation. INX Software has been integrated with SAP ERP to pull across information related to people, workgroups, rosters and organisation structure changes.


    Business Management

    Pronto is a module solution with solutions across finance, distribution, sales, marketing, manufacturing, assets & facilities management and more. INX Software has integrated with Pronto to collect people and workgroup information to filter in to our health and safety, skills and training and travel and logistics solutions.

    Chris21 (Frontier)

    Human Resources

    An integrated human resource solution for payroll, self service, recruitment, time and attendance, performance, learning and development and expenses. INX Software can integrate with Chris 21 to pull information such as hours worked to generate lost time injury reports across different departments and workgroups.

  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.7 - Version Release


    The latest Version 5.7 release is here, and we're excited to share with you some new key features and updates, which include: 

    • Action configuration
    • Company level consolidation
    • Attach documents to checklist items
    • Consolidation of event documents to the documents tab
    • Automated sync of events
    • Attach documents to checklist items
    • Checklist response options
    • Room clean status
    • Group maintenance for rooms
    • Cleaning calendar view
    • Room cleaning roster
    • Usability - flights, people, rosters, rooms, cost centres, reports
    • Serko profile sync along with profile custom fields
    • Occupational hygiene lab integration
    • Health monitoring enhancements
    • Security enhancements
    • Update to occupational hygiene related data fields
    • INX InForm Outlook tool maintenance
    • Single sign on (SSO)
    • Profile validation with comment on rejection notification
    • Profile and photo validation
    • Training records archive

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Features Included
Submit ideas and add comments
Like and follow ideas
Workflow management
Roles and responsibilities
Stage tracking across all ideas and changes
Audit trail
Assess aspects and impacts
Document upload tool
Conduct risk assessments
Health, safety and technical reviews
Action creation and management
Email notifications

Manage change, reduce risk and boost innovation with INX InNovate

Encourage innovation

INX InNovate encourages innovation and forward thinking by allowing all users to submit any number of change initiatives or ideas across any organisational discipline, product or process. 

Ensure best practice

INX InNovate follows a management of change process which supports industry standards. Change initiatives are assessed, documented and validated at every step to ensure decisions are evidenced, auditable, and consistent.

Logical & structured processing

Each idea and change initiative follows a configured workflow from submission, review, analysis and approval to ensure validity and purpose. Key information such as decision deadlines, implementation steps and actions can be created, tracked and managed with ease.

How INX InNovate can help put your company ahead

A complete assessment

INX InNovate captures the key information required to submit a change request and provides managers with the tools to assess areas such as cost, risk and other implications so a proper business case structure can be followed.


Stay up to date

Keeping the right people informed of ideas and their status is vital to ensuring their successful roll out. INX InNovate provides automated email notifications at each stage of the submission and approval process to the responsible roles associated with each step.


Boost accountability

Change records are assigned to reviewers who are responsible for processing all feedback and providing a formal review at both a HSE and technical level. Roles and responsibilities can be configured across multiple sites or projects to ensure the process is tailored to specific requirements. 

Improved visibility

With granted access, users can see exactly what ideas are being raised and what stage they are at so they can plan for and embrace the change.



Safe and secure

We appreciate the sensitive nature of company data and as such have advanced security measures in place. Users can be assigned a specific role level which will determine what they can and can’t do and how much of certain areas they can see.



Ideas and change in one

Unlike other solutions, INX InNovate acknowledges the logical process to see ideas transition from creation to action. As such, we’ve embedded both the ideas creation and change management tools into the one solution meaning you can manage everything in the one place.

A social solution

A social solution

Encourage greater staff involvement and transparency in innovation thanks to the social nature of the solution in being able to like, comment and follow ideas which can then be collaborated as part of the review and approval process.

Flexible and adaptable

Flexible and adaptable

We appreciate that things are constantly changing. INX InNovate allows for modifications to be reworked at any stage of the process including the ability to roll back items to the previous step in the workflow.

Improve employee participation

Improve employee participation

The success of new software and processes is best determined by their adoption rate. INX InNovate ensures smooth management of change by encouraging employee participation thanks to a structured approach and improved visibility.


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