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Attach evidence
Remote location access
Capture GPS location
Communicate outcomes
Upload bulk assessments
Branded PDF reports
Wet signatures for verification
Offline access and operation
Minimise administration
Integrates directly with INX InTuition and INX +LMS

The INX InTuition Mobile App


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Simplified Training and Competence Management with INX Assessor Mobile

Cover your organisation legally

When completing a theory and practical assessment, users can attach the evidence package made up of documents and photos required to issue a nationally recognised statement of attainment.


Fast track training completion

With INX Assessor Mobile, people can be assessed on the go and records can be uploaded directly into INX InTuition meaning less time spent on administration and more time conducting assessments.



Simplify evidence collection

Providing a record of completed practical assessment is usually a manual task that relies on scanning documents and confirming sign off. INX Assessor Mobile ensures evidence can be submitted as part of assessments along with a wet signature for verification.


Work with accurate data

By completing assessments and forms online, INX Assessor Mobile centralises the management of data and reduces human error by ensuring correct names, numbers and the latest version of assessment instruments are used.


Streamline assessment management

With INX Assessor Mobile, assessors can email the completed PDF assessment form directly to the trainee, an archive location and if necessary, an alliance RTO who can review the information back in the live INX InTuition database. This information is also stored against the users profile for audit purposes.

Offline friendly

Use the assessor application wherever you are. If you are out of range, complete the assessment and it can be uploaded as soon as you are reconnected to the internet.


Ensure compliance with standards

Avoid compliance related penalties and fines and achieve ISO compliance across ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 19011, and OHSAS 18001 with the tools provided by INX InTuition and INX Assessor Mobile.


Upload bulk assessments

Trainers can complete multiple copies of various assessments while offline. INX Assessor Mobile then allows for the capture and submission of bulk assessments which can be uploaded all at once.



Latest version guaranteed

Assessment criteria can change frequently so ensuring your team are all using the latest version can be difficult. INX Assessor Mobile manages this for you by automatically pushing any assessment update directly through to the app to keep everything up to date.


Ensure competence is maintained

Achieving competency and compliance is one thing, maintaining it is another. INX Assessor Mobile uses workflows and notifications to ensure competence can be maintained with ease.

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