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  • Simplify your environmental and compliance requirements with our all-in-one solution, INX InViron.

    An easy to use environmental management system for recording and monitoring environmental data, managing stakeholders & obligations and providing the tools to support ISO14001 certification. INX InViron is a web-accessible, centralised solution that manages environmental data and commitments in the one location. INX InViron can capture an extensive range of environmental monitoring programs across air, water, soil, climate, waste, emissions, flora and fauna, vibration and more. Environmental data can be manually or automatically entered directly, uploaded from a spreadsheet or from your laboratory with the results being validated against set thresholds to ensure that any exceedances are highlighted and relevant people are automatically notified.

    Unlike other environmental management systems, INX InViron also allows you to manage your stakeholder and obligation information and commitments by activating the INX InForm functionality and provides you with the tools to register and maintain communications, identify and manage issues and assign and track tasks in a simplistic manner.

    Granted users also have the ability to generate a range of environmental, stakeholder and obligation driven reports and graphs which can also be displayed through a single screen, drill-down dashboard through our add on product, INX +BI, providing you with a complete end to end environmental management solution.

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  • 3rd Party Integrations

    Various Laboratories

    Environmental Results

    Laboratories are responsible for conducting analysis on environmental samples and returning results to the client. INX Software integrates with a variety of laboratories to allow for automatic imports of results to the database and issues notifications when results trigger exceedances defined in the system.

    External websites

    Environmental data

    Linking to web pages that contain environmental data required for reporting such as meteorological information, climatic data and more.

    Logger Stations

    Environmental data

    Integrating with field instruments such as weather stations, flow metres, piezometres and more to capture real time environmental data for use within our systems.

  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.5 - Version Release


    The latest Version 5.5 release is here, and we're excited to share with you some new key features and updates, which include: 

    • Report Card Advanced Injury and General Insurance Management
    • Competency codes
    • Unique Student Identifier
    • Document validation
    • Contractor profiles
    • Time zones
    • Audit logs
    • Reports
    • Medical conditions
    • Medical certificates
    • Medicines
    • Occupational Hygiene Quota Planner

    And much more!

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Features Included
Automatic lab imports
Exceedance alerts
QA/QC management tools
Reporting platform
Obligation and Stakeholder management from INX InForm
Import tool
Map viewer
Standards management tool
Real-time data visibility
Upload chain of custody (COC) templates
Monitoring program design platform (points, parameters, standards, field log sheet designs)
+GIS mapping
Sample run scheduler
Obligation compliance management
Create and assign tasks

Complete sample runs and log sheets in the field - all part of the one solution at no extra cost

Unlike other solutions, INX doesn't charge for using each component of the software. With more functionality, our solution grows with you so your company can achieve much more and faster. The INX InViron Mobile App allows for simpler data capture and completion of core environmental responsibilities. 

Contractors and employees can use the app to:

  • Complete field log sheets
  • Capture sample runs
  • View assigned items
  • View an activity summary

Learn more about the INX InViron Mobile App

Environmental and compliance requirements in one

Real time, centralised data collection

Save time with simple data collection either through direct bulk upload, mobile and web entry or automatically imported from the lab or field instruments. INX InViron can integrate with a variety of systems, including field equipment to simplify the process of managing people and real time data in one location.

All in one environmental management

Unlike other providers, INX InViron simplifies environmental and compliance management by embedding all requirements in the one solution saving you time and money and increasing productivity.

Automated data QA/QC checks

Capturing and collecting environmental data in spreadsheets can often lead to error. Issues in the data are also harder to identify. INX InViron has data validation and QA/QC checks throughout the system to ensure abnormal data is flagged.

Simplify environmental management and compliance with INX InViron

Immediate visibility over compliance

Monitoring standards and their associated thresholds can be setup within the system to flag where results have exceeded the defined standard(s) and issue a notification to select users.


Multiple sources, one location

Whether the data is being captured in the lab, field, mobile, monitoring equipment/stations, spread sheets or website type data, INX InViron can manage it all in one database. This data collection can be automated or managed though the various import tools available within the solution.


Satisfy corporate and site requirements

Manage your environmental compliance across the company or specific to a site and carry this through to your reporting and analysis. Create any number and variety of monitoring programs.



Chain of custody ready

INX InViron allows you to upload an unlimited number of organizational and laboratory COC templates. Sampling information captured on the Field Log Sheet is then automatically transferred to the COC form so that sample point selection, analysis required, document headers and job codes remain consistent and legible.

Track changes

INX InViron ensures that changes made throughout the system are tracked and date stamped to provide complete transparency and accountability of any activity within the system.


Information protection

Data management and security is of vital importance and INX InViron supports this through strict access controls to ensure that employees and third parties can only see and use the information and functionality that is relevant to their role. These security measures extend to user access around areas or sites, documentation, communications and task roles and responsibilities.


Minimal disruption to current processes

Finding ways to improve productivity and reduce costs without causing inconvenience is what we are all about. As an integrated solution INX InViron can work with a range of 3rd party applications and other INX solutions to ensure a smooth transition into better environmental management.


Supporting GRI

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework enables organisations to measure and manage sustainability related indicators across environmental, social and governance performance. INX InViron provides the tools to support the GRI framework and enables organisations to harness this information to help shape their environmental strategy and objectives.

Simple and effective reporting

Simple and effective reporting

The ability to generate and share useful reports and graphs with ease is vital to effective management. INX InViron provides powerful reporting and graphing tools that allows granted users to extract captured environmental, obligation and stakeholder data and information to export into downloadable and shareable PDF, Excel, Word and image files. 

GIS visualisation

GIS visualisation

Being able to visualize the results of your monitoring programs assists with solid environmental management practices. INX InViron provides you with a Geographical Information System (GIS) viewer on which to plot and extract aggregated results from selected sample points within the system.

Promote a sustainable culture

Promote a sustainable culture

Environmental sustainability extends beyond environmental professionals. INX InViron ensures that the key environmental requirements can be easily managed but that all users can participate in contributing to a sustainable culture through an easy to use and visible solution.

Stakeholder and obligation friendly

We appreciate that your role extends beyond environmental management and as such can embed the INX InForm solution right into INX InViron. This allows environmental teams to manage their content alongside their environmental data monitoring commitments and provides users with the ability to capture a register of environmental obligations, stakeholders and issues.

Using an environment lab? Perfect

INX InViron can integrate directly with your laboratory so that when results are received they are automatically imported into the INX database for immediate use. This also ensures that key individuals are notified of any exceedances automatically.


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