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  • Automate business workflows and process improvements to ensure your company operates more efficiently and effectively.

    Say goodbye to those outdated, lengthy, paper-based approval processes. Simplify day-to-day activities through the automation of business workflows and processes from one central location. Finding ways to improve business process and workflow management saves organisation’s time and money and results in more efficient operations. Finding the right management software to do so is where it all begins. 

    Meet INX +Process, a simple to use tool that automates processes managed across the INX product range so that everything from site entry to mobilisation, booking requests, training and leave (to name a few), can now be performed in one secure and controlled location. 

    INX +Process ensures that departmental managers across health and safety, HR, Training and Compliance, Travel and Logistics and general administration have complete control and visibility over requests, processes and approvals by providing a streamlined approach through a browser solution.  

    The solution moves away from offline, paper based processing by allowing online submission of information for tasks such as site entry, people activation and deactivation, booking requests, rescheduling requests, transferring of people and editing of personal information which follows company specific workflows and approval steps. It ensures not only that relevant areas of the business are kept informed but that time is saved, error eliminated and resources used more efficiently.  

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      Automate business workflows and process improvements to ensure your company operates more efficiently and effectively.

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  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.4 - What's New


    Our recent major upgrade to Version 5 features a tonne of great features. We are excited to add to the features now available through our INX Version 5.4 release which feature some key updates including: 

    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • The new INX InControl Mobile
    • Updated INX Assessor Mobile for INX InTuition
    • INX Cloud
    • Sample runs
    • Cross product links
    • Reports
    • Obligations
    • Site security
    • Data viewer
    • Calculated fields
    • Medical Surveillance 
    • Workflow requests for Mobilisation, new bookings, cancel bookings and profile changes

    And much more!

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Simplify Contractor Mobilisation with INX +Process


Learn more about our new Contractor Mobilisation solution for your contractor pre-mobilisation and mobilisation requirements.

Automate and improve your workflows and processes

Automate your manual tasks

Keeping track of required forms and entering this information can be time consuming and error prone. With INX +Process, administrators can now simply send a link to the contractor to enter their details, upload required documentation and request flights and accommodation which can then be approved and processed online.

Clear contractor communication

Keep contractors clearly informed of what is required from them and when. Provide a simple online link for them to access and ensure they are kept in the loop thanks to the automated email notifications sent upon successful booking confirmation.

Save time, reduce error

Requests within a company are most commonly achieved through manually filling out paper based forms and awaiting sign off from multiple departments which can take days or be lost altogether. INX +Process provides users with online forms which can be easily submitted and tracked and ensures relevant personnel are notified across all stages.

Simplify workflow and process management with INX +Process

Your company, your workflow

Your company knows their processes better than anyone. INX +Process allows for form and workflow setup to ensure requests can be processed faster by getting the right people involved at the right stages.


Seamless integration with INX

INX +Process operates from the same database as our other solutions to ensure real-time updating of information. Whether it is site entry, mobilisation, booking requests, training or leave, INX +Process is there to manage the process for you.


An employee and contractor solution

Manage new starters and contractors with ease. With INX +Process you can add and edit people, roles, and transfer people between roles and departments from the one location. All relevant fields across the INX suite are then automatically updated for you.


Submit requests online

Uncertainty around how requests are first raised and then processed can halt operations and cause frustration. INX +Process simplifies this by providing employees with request forms for any purpose which can be easily submitted all from their device or web browser. 


Track requests with ease

Paper based form requests can often be found under piles of paperwork on the wrong person’s desk. INX +Process allows the submitter to track the status of their request from submission through to approval ensuring greater visibility and action.

Personalised In Tray

INX +Process provides administrators and other relevant users with an in tray to highlight what actions are required for all requests to ensure complete visibility and control. Urgent requests such as next day travel are also distinguished through highlighted tags.


Multiple Levels of Approval

Approvals typically require more than one persons or departments sign off. The hierarchy for such an approval can sometimes be unknown which results in a time consuming and frustrating process. INX +Process allows for multiple workflow levels to be set up so that each request follows a defined route through to a final approval.


Site Entry Simplified

INX +Process offers a simple and extended version of site entry automation both of which ensure far greater efficiencies. The simple version looks at the required compliances which must be held by the employee or contractor and enables document uploads for approval purposes. The extended version goes further to pick up equivalent and exceeding compliances as captured through INX InTuition.  


Travel Booking Requests

INX +Process allows for people to submit booking requests which follows a series of automated workflows that includes notifying travel and line managers, previewing rosters, travel and accommodation requirements and finally processing and approving the request.


3rd Party Integrations

INX is often integrated with third party tools and programs to automatically update relevant information where required in the product. Successful integrations mean that system administrators can avoid entering the same data into multiple systems which speeds up routine data level tasks, saving significant time and money.


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