Solve your risk, compliance, environment, workforce management, training and reporting challenges with our intelligent software products.

INX Assessor

Digitise the complete field assessment process

  • Define your assessments based on role requirements
  • Conduct assessments from anywhere on-site
  • Access cloud-based and API-powered assessment management
  • Verify the competency of your workforce

INX Cortex

Enhance your data capabilities and insights

  • Leverage your internal data to inform decision making
  • Use real-time insights to improve operational efficiency
  • Access all the data you need in one place
  • Data sharing solution created in partnership with Mechanical Rock and Snowflake

INX InControl

Protect your people by capturing all safety-related data and activities

  • Navigate safety and risk challenges in a highly configurable single source of truth
  • Create and capture any incident, injury, audit and any other event types
  • Receive real-time safety information across multiple projects
  • Track, monitor and complete routine checks

INX InFlight

The bird's eye view of your remote workforce

  • Simplify and centralise administration of workforce management
  • Manage your roster, flight and accommodation requirements
  • Manage bookings, cleaning rosters and check your workers in or out online
  • Streamline how you communicate updates to your workforce
  • Manage multi-leg journeys
  • Trusted by Australia’s biggest resources companies

INX InForm

Protect your reputation and the planet

  • Manage company obligations and conditions in one central platform
  • Capture stakeholder communication, sentiment and engagement across topics
  • Manage tenements and financial commitments
  • Assign recurring task responsibility and escalations
  • Record tenement registration information

INX InHealth

Streamline, simplify and transform employee health and occupational hygiene

  • Manage on-site medical clinics and first aid stations
  • Conduct fit to work testing and health screening
  • Undertake drug, alcohol and COVID testing
  • Enhance occupational and industrial hygiene management
  • Create Similar Exposure Group (SEG) sampling and analysis

INX InTuition

Build a compliant, accountable workforce

  • Simplify course management to ensure workforce compliance
  • Schedule training events and monitor employee competency
  • Capture all role and training requirements enabling auto enrolments
  • Create and categorise all procedures into a library

INX Preserve

For your piece of the planet

  • Monitor, track and report on environmental impact
  • Gain transformative data and clarity on ESG reporting
  • Model field sampling and laboratory analysis processes
  • Benchmark performance and protect your reputation
  • Designed in partnership with environmental experts

INX Sitepass

The smartest way to manage the risk, compliance and safety of your entire workforce

  • Access a comprehensive overview of your full workforce in one simple app
  • Locate your workforce at every stage of their journey
  • Verify and track important records to boost compliance
  • Broadcast communications across teams and sites


Resilient, remote operations

  • Centralise workforce management in an enterprise-level solution
  • Configure to your travel and site accommodation processes and needs
  • Manage multiple sites and leverage a range of API integrations, including corporate travel businesses
  • Highly automated using workflows and auditing processes


INX+Advanced Cleaning

Provide in-field support to your cleaning workforce

  • Gain complete visibility of your cleaning management processes
  • Provide your cleaning workforce with in-field support
  • Prioritise monitoring and reporting room cleans and schedules
  • Get real-time updates on room availability through INX SAM Suite or INX InFlight


View actionable data through personalised, easy-to-use, interactive dashboards for improved understanding and decision-making

  • Leverage best-in-class data visualisation and BI tools
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Transform your reporting capabilities
  • Build your own custom dashboards


Enable efficient employee and contractor mobilisation with self-registration, booking requests and automated notifications.

  • Enhance your INX InFlight experience
  • Self-service management of bookings and contractor mobilisation requests
  • Leverage powerful automation
  • Create workflows for mobilisation, roster changes, new bookings, cancellations profile management
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