Advanced cleaning rostering and automation app!

The new specialty module for the INX SAM Suite is here!

Introducing INX +Advanced Cleaning, the comprehensive cleaning services management system that manages all things cleaning and maintenance within your site. As an extension of the INX SAM Suite, +Advanced Cleaning gives site managers complete visibility across their cleaning operation with an immediate view of available clean rooms, maintenance needs and cleaning workloads.

Within +Advanced Cleaning, administrators and cleaners can easily see occupants transport details, night shift status, key return and any changing room clean priorities. Facilities management personnel can have confidence in the accuracy of room status through the real-time app updates and notifications, allowing more flexibility in booking changes and saving time on check-ins.

How does it work?


Each cleaner’s designated tablet enables observation tracking including why a room could not be cleaned, when it will be rescheduled, and the in-app immediate notification of room maintenance requirements including photographic evidence.

With different interfaces for the operation administrators and for the cleaning team, the app’s inbuilt workflows enhance process consistency and compliance, ensuring all stakeholders are quickly and accurately communicated relevant information necessary to complete their tasks.

+Advanced Cleaning Features:

Portrait of young woman in blue apron holding tablet iPad gadget isolated on white background.

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