INX Software Announces Acquisition of Contractor Management Platform, Sitepass


Sitepass COVID Management Solution

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Contractor Management Software

A single platform to manage your contractors, employees, volunteers and visitors, with complete transparency over your workplace risk, safety and compliance.

Transform your workforce compliance

The Sitepass by INX Platform

Sitepass by INX is a single platform to manage your contractors,  employees,  volunteers and visitors, with complete transparency over your workplace risk, safety and compliance. The workforce management solution software provides organisations with complete visibility over their site and workforce. 

Reduce spreadsheets, emails and documents with one central application.

Benfits to your business when using Sitepass by INX include: 

  • Know who’s working for you
    Ensure your workers have the required qualifications to work on your job, project or work site.
  • Meet your regulatory obligations
    Access to critical business information in a single secure place from anywhere and at any time.  
  • Know where people are
    Monitor the attendance of everyone you employ at every worksite, building and location across your organisation. 

  • Easily resource your next project 
    Access a database of pre-qualified suppliers, contractors, and employees.

  • Reduce administration and costs 
    Quick and simple onboarding, automation, alerts and document management.

  • Have more time
    With a more efficient way to run your administration tasks made more efficient, you have more time to focus on the important things, such as your people.

Sitepass Software

Sitepass by INX Solutions

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Contractor Management

Track the compliance of your contractors and their staff. Ensure they are insured, qualified and that they understand the processes, risks, and hazards with working at each site or across your entire company.

Visitor Management

Replace the attendance book and monitor the movements of every visitor, contractor and employee across your entire organisation. With no limits to the number of sites that can have visitor management, and no limits on the number of sign-ins per site.


Personalise the onboarding experience for your employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors. Capture and verify vital information and ensure everyone is trained, qualified and ready to work across your entire company.

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Deliver Training

When your workers are trained, there is less risk of onsite accidents and unsafe behaviour taking place. Ensure your team is fully trained and compliant before they start work or even enter a worksite.


Sitepass is used by Human Resource Managers, Business Owners, and Health and Safety Managers, because they all have a common challenge; they need a better way to manage their workforce compliance. They need to ensure that their workforce is safe, consistently trained, and that they have the right qualifications for the work they are employed to do. Sitepass provides a single platform that can adapt to any industry needing to reduce their compliance risk.

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Replace the disorder of multiple, ineffective documents and systems with a single, central application.

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