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13 Aug 2023

Auto delete draft workflows in bulk and control the number of days workflows appear in the InTray

V 5.15

Available from 13 August 2022


New features


Auto delete draft workflows in bulk

A system setting to remove draft workflows after a certain number of days has been added to this version of INX +Process. This removes the need for an administrator to open each individual workflow to remove it, rather the system will now remove the draft workflows automatically.

Control number of days workflows appear in InTray

A setting has been introduced to set the number of days to display the following workflow statuses
in the InTray:

  • Committed workflows
  • Cancelled workflows
  • Declined workflows

By default, the setting is 28 days, but this can be set to any number. A different number can be assigned to each status. After the number of days, the workflows in the statuses outlined above, will no longer appear in the InTray.

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