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01 May 2023

Warning messages added to workflows and fixes

V 5.16

Available from 1 May 2023



Warning messages added to workflows

Every worker needs to ensure where and when they’re getting to site and this is a complex operation that needs to run smoothly. We have added a warning banner to INX +Process workflows so you can be alerted when booking a worker on another flight on the same day.

An Initiator has the ability to submit a workflow request in INX +Process and an Administrator manages the bookings.

If a workflow is submitted by an Initiator in an attempt to book another flight, a warning banner will now appear if a worker is already booked on the same day.

Warning message one

A warning message will display within Journey Selector Window for the Initiator.
WARNING! This person is already booked for a flight on the selected day, Selecting a flight below will result in a double booking.



Warning message two

A warning message will display in Summary Pane for the Administrator.
Please review the Booking Details before Committing. This person is already booked for a flight on [the selected day].



Bug fixes


Fix to pagination in Workflow Request search

We have applied a fix to errors experienced in the pagination on the Workflow Request search page. You can now view all results of a search and navigate to the next page of the search results panel.

Fix to refresh of Site Entry Requirements

You can now retain data in the Site Entry Requirements stage on the Mobilisation Workflow. As long as your requirements are successfully saved before the page is refreshed, the data will be retained.

Fix to Workflow Requests search results view

You can now see the available columns in the Search Results grid on the Workflow Requests Page.

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