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New index changes to support INX+Process updates and Version 3 of our Telstra SMS Messaging API

V 5.16.5

Improved room cleaning planner performance and reinstated gender field

V 5.16.4

Introducing INX Academy and new fixes

V 5.16.3

Use large data sets in Rooms Required, extension of activity search filter in Group Maintenance and new fixes

V 5.16.2

New integration with INX Sitepass and INX+Advanced Cleaning, introducing INX InFlight Mobile 2.0, new improvements and fixes

V 5.16

Mark certain fields as sensitive, Other Worksite field added to Room Bookings page and fixes

V 5.15

Set future time period to individuals access to workgroup, manage meal requirements, display comments on cleaning calendar and schedule

V 5.13

Journey reschedule, new improvements and fixes

V 5.12

Manage several accommodation types across multiple sites, new improvements and fixes

V 5.11

Telstra SMS provider integration, set traveller’s preferred contact method, choose list of recipients and new improvements

V 5.10

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