Businesses of all sectors and sizes are responsible for the well-being of almost all visitors to a workplace or site.

First off, there are site safety and compliance obligations, as well as legal responsibilities relating to site management and ensuring your employees are protected.

At a more simplistic level, a single, well-designed visitor management system can also create a consistently positive first impression. It’s like having a clean front door and welcome mat in place. Forget logs or paper-based systems, nothing says professional better than an automated and efficient electronic sign-in system.

Then, there are a wealth of logistical benefits that relate to monitoring and tracking.

But what should you expect from a high-quality and effective visitor management system?

Monitor sign-ins live

A good visitor management system will provide a list of everyone who has signed into a site, which is then fed through to reception, security, site managers and other people in the organisation with access. Such oversight ensures they can monitor the safety and security of everyone that is on site in one easy process.

Keep eye on unstaffed sites

At unstaffed reception sites, a site management system can allow you to monitor access via a QR barcode, which requires no hardware and can be used by anyone with a mobile phone. This cuts down on costs while giving employers peace of mind when it comes to site access and screening.

Time and track attendances

Tracking the date, time and duration of everyone’s attendance on site can be done with the click of a button using a good site management system. It can provide a dashboard to filter and export attendance reports, which can even be matched against contractor’s invoices or your automated payment processes through the integration of time and attendance reports with your payroll or accounting software.

The visitor management system, INX Sitepass, for example, integrates with other systems, like training and induction systems, to verify contractors and workers at your workplace and improve site safety with heightened access controls.

It can also integrate with other systems to provide complete transparency over your workforce and help manage and automate the most critical compliance and risk processes.

Host notification

When visitors check into site, they will be able to select a host who will be notified that the visitor has arrived on site. 

Broadcast SMS alerts

When an incident occurs on site, such as an emergency or fire drill, the system can send SMS notifications to everyone who has checked into a location. 

Site access control

INX Sitepass strives to make sites safe and acts as a personal gatekeeper, controlling who can and cannot access a site. On sign-in, INX Sitepass will check that contractors, employees, volunteers and other personnel have completed their onboarding and site inductions and/or accreditations needed for specific sites and, if they haven’t, reject their sign-in access.

Integration with other systems 

One of the key benefits of a centralised site management system is that it can be integrated with other systems. INX Sitepass ‘talks’ to the contractor management system to provide a single source of information for your business.  

And you don’t need specialist hardware to operate the system. You can use your own hardware and setup the kiosk with an Apple iPad, where workers and visitors can use the Sitepass ID from both iPhone and Android mobile platforms. 

These are all features that can benefit your business and make your site access and management processes faster, easier and more data rich and insightful.

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