INX Assessor Classic End Of Life FAQ

You can find here answers to the INX Assessor Classic end-of-life. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact INX Support

As part of our Cloud-first product strategy and the release of INX Assessor Cloud we will End-of-Life (EoL) our current INX Classic Assessor solution.

Prior to the EoL of Classic Assessor, we will also End-of-Support (Eos) for the product.

With EoS the product will continue to work as-is, however, INX will no longer support, maintain or enhance the Assessor Classic product.

INX Assessor Classic will be EoS as of 30/06/2021.

INX will decommission the INX hosted Assessor Servers that enable the Assessor Classic Mobile app to operate meaning that the mobile app will no longer be usable by clients.

As part of the decommissioning process, all devices will be unregistered from the Assessor Server that is hosted by INX. This means that the Assessor Classic mobile app will cease to function.

The following data is stored on the Assessor Server hosted by INX:

  1. Assessment Form Templates
  2. Registered Device IDs

The proprietary format of this data means that it cannot be exported in a useful format.

As part of the decommissioning of the solution, all data stored in servers supporting the product and hosted by INX will be erased.

This will have no impact on the functionality of other INX products you may be using.

Yes, you can download the new INX Assessor Cloud App. Contact your account manager to set it up. 

Yes. Client’s wishing to deploy INX Assessor Cloud and integrate with INX InTuition will be required to upgrade to INX V5.11 or later.

Yes. In line with our commitment to protect your investment in INX solutions, we will provide you with the assistance required to migrate from Assessor Classic to INX Assessor App, including:

  1. Upgrade of your INX core system to the current GA version
  2. Provisioning of your INX Assessor environment
  3. Initial configuration of the baseline system, including integration with your INX InTuition
  4. Recreate your current assessment template layouts in Assessor App
  5. Product orientation training for your admin users

The nature of decommissioning the INX Assessor Classic product means that you will need to find another solution to support your practical assessments process prior to End-of-Life on 01/12/2021.

INX will issue a new contract as part of the migration process.

The pricing for INX Assessor App has been aligned with the value that it offers as a solution. Your Account Manager will provide you with specific details on pricing.