Since performance is the output of learning, employee training must be deemed essential for developing your talent pool.

The performance increase achieved will depend on the quality of the training experience and how easy learning can be applied on the job. 

Employees need to have thorough training to do their jobs properly. But what is the best training format? The Paper vs. Digital debate is often portrayed as the battle of Old vs. New.  

Paper-based training comes with benefits that are centered around user experience. In a study by Dr. Naomi Baron, a professor of linguistics at the Department of World languages and Cultures, it was discovered that 94% of students found that reading from paper was better than reading on the internet as there were less distractions from other opened tabs or clickbait. It was also discovered that people have a connection with paper, with its tangible quality keeping them interested. 

However, user experience aside, when it comes to using paper for training purposes there are also a lot of disadvantages which arise from paper products easily being misplaced. The storage of paper records also becomes troublesome when there are a huge volume of employees completing training.

Once stored in a filing cabinet, the document often becomes forgotten about which means trainers may easily forget when training has been completed or if the training has become outdated and needs to be completed again. This process of completing training also has its disadvantages in not being green for the environment.  

Digital training on the other hand counteracts the disadvantages of paper-based learning with its own benefits. There are efficiencies surrounding the uploading and storing of documents online, easy access to filter and search for documents and they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime around the world.

If you’re a global organisation or just have multiple sites, anyone from any of your locations can have access to the information they need. The documents are also more secured on a digital platform as they can be restricted by user level or password protected. There is less likelihood of a document going missing as they can be stored on the cloud platform.  

You can learn differently with video, audio, and interactive content such as online quizzes etc. There are various other reasons that digital training may be better for employees. 

Training boosts the morale level of your employees which can impact your business at different levels, including work culture and productivity. Poor morale leads to loss of good employees, decreased productivity and a negative work environment. The further the drop in morale, the more devastating the effects are. Offering different types of training and skill-building opportunities are effective ways to boost morale and creating a happier and more skilled workforce.  

By providing the most appropriate training to employees, they are given the best opportunity to perform well in their jobs. Boost employee engagement in their training by making it easier for them to navigate and upload their materials. There are four reasons why employees should engage in and complete training for their jobs.  

  1. Performance: Training helps employees develop and strengthen their skills which works to enhance productivity. 
  2. Innovation: Training that is ongoing and regular enables employees to come up with new ideas. 
  3. Turnover: If employees are given the opportunity to train, they feel valued as an employee which in turn reduces the likelihood of them wanting to leave the business.  
  4. Morale and motivation: Employees have high morale and better engagement when they see that the organisation they work for, cares about upskilling. 

Determining the best training method is essential in ensuring your employees are engaged in the work they are doing. With the our training solution, assessments can now be completed on one easy-to-use and integrated system.

INX InTuition allows you to manage competencies and compliances of employees to ensure you are keeping up-to-date with skill training. Our online learning platform where employees can complete training courses set for them. 

INX Assessor is designed to overcome the common challenges of managing practical assessments in the field. With a fully automated system, documents can instantly be sent from site to the office which also works to reduce the time that is spent on administrative tasks such as scanning and filing paper forms. Our training solution is an easy-to-use fully integrated system that enables your company to keep on top of training requirements in the workplace. 

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