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Learning Management Solution

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The INX Learning Management Solution service is the seamless integration between INX InTuition and Moodle®,  enabling users to update your INX CCPs (competencies, compliances and procedures) for your workforce’s role requirements based on course activity within Moodle®.


The INX LMS service is an integration with the latest version of Moodle.  

When you implement the INX LMS Moodle Integration service you will see your Moodle courses and accounts created automatically from INX InTuition, as well as people enrolled into the course based on the Role Requirements defined within INX. 

Organisations will also have online course completion logs and auditable reports available, with course result and completion activities automatically archived within INX.

INX supports the top Moodle capabilities we identified our users need, ensuring they sync directly with INX InTuition, meaning the data you develop in one platform is available in the other, in real-time.  

  1. SCORM content upload
  2. Links to external content (such as YouTube videos etc)
  3. Labels
  4. Files (PDF, Word etc)
  5. Course Certificates

INX LMS users can access all the functionality offerings available through Moodle . To get support for the 5 areas listed above contact INX Support team. For help on further modules please contact the Moodle support service.  

online course completions log

Sit back, relax and simplify complex training schedules

Integrate training and course management with person profiles and let them be automatically updated for you via the INX InTuition and Moodle® integration service.

Hear from some of our clients

“We have noticed an improvement in the quality of event information being reported and the speed in which people are closing out events and actions. With the integration functionality through INX InTuition, our online training is now very streamlined, making it a simple process for our site administrators to assess whether someone is compliant or not.”

System Administrator

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