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We enable our clients to transform their businesses into a force for good in the communities they serve.

Western Australia’s resources industry runs some of the largest and most complex operations in the world. Our software safely mobilises workforces, manages travel logistics, delivers training, facilitates workplace health and safety, and implements environmental and statutory compliance

We are committed to building intuitive software to scale and grow with our clients, and create safer, smarter and more sustainable workplaces for the future. 

Delivering intuitive software starts with understanding your real business challenges.  

By being part of our research programs, you will have the opportunity to shape the next generation of our intelligent software, inform product development priorities and have access to industry insights. 

What's involved?

Participation in a research session can include one or more of the following activities:

  • Answering interview questions about experience and work responsibilities.
  • Reviewing journey maps and process flows.
  • Reviewing designs of new features or functionality.
  • Testing features and providing feedback.
  • Ranking feature priorities.
  • Participating in brainstorming workshops.
  • Completing marketing surveys. 

All research sessions are completed remotely.

There are opportunities available to participate in our Environmental and Workforce Management research programs. 

For interested participants, you can book in a private 90-minute research session with our Research Leads. To see available times or book, click the links below. 


Upcoming research programs
August – September 2022
Next-gen environmental management prototype user
experience testing

August – October 2022
Flora and fauna sampling, environmental insights, dashboards, compliance reporting and advanced exceedance alerts

Who can participate? 
Environmental managers and advisors

Book below via Calendly with our Research Lead, Georgia McKay.

Shutdown Management

Upcoming research programs
August – September 2022
Shutdown and event management: Shutdown planning, shutdown management, contractor management, reporting and event management. 

Who can participate? 

  • Shutdown planners, supervisors, superintendents
  • Labour suppliers, providing labour for shutdowns
  • HSE managers overseeing weather/emergency events response

Book below via Calendly with our Research Lead, Ines Rego

Research program information 

This research is being conducted as part of INX Software’s design research function. Strict confidentiality and privacy policies are in place to protect the intellectual property of research participants and INX. 

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