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Is the solution web accessible?

INX Software is accessible anywhere, anytime through your web browser.


Is the solution support by mobile applications?

The INX Mobile applications allow users to capture and view information which works directly with the web based application to ensure ease of use, greater data collection, visibility and companywide adoption.


Is the solution accessible across multiple browsers?

Our latest version (Version 5) means that INX is supported in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.


Is the solution configurable to match your business processes?

Our experienced team will build the solution around your company requirements, reporting and workflows but the configurable nature of our solution means your administrators have complete control over what you do with your solution.


Do you have the ability to make changes yourself?

Granted users with the right security can make changes throughout the system as required which means less waiting.


Are the implementation team experienced?

Without a defined implementation process and experienced team to guide you through it, your solution will never work as planned. Our team have extensive experience in working for the industries in which our customers operate and have completed hundreds of successful implementations.


Are there regular version updates and are these free?

We release quarterly minor releases and annual major releases. Check out our latest Version 5 here.


Is the solution credible and used by a large number of people?

With over 500,000 end users you have the benefit of a solution that meets the requirements for companies across the world from multiple industries.  


Is my data and access going to be secure?

When managing company and person data it’s vital that your information is protected. Having security measures and controls built into your tool is a must.


Can you create your own fields?

If you’re software provider makes you wait and pay for every single change such as changing a field name or adding a new field you can do better. INX allows you to do all this yourself through your own Administration section.


Is there support available and are they working for the same company?

We have international offices to support our global customer base but ensure you aren't speaking to someone in a call centre. You will speak direct with our local support team.

Is the solution proven?

We are an experienced and long term provider of workforce management software. We are trusted by hundreds of companies made up of small-medium enterprises to fortune 500’s to ensure compliance and efficient business process.


Are there options to purchase outright or subscribe?

We provide options to suit our customers’ requirements whether that be monthly subscription or an outright purchase, the choice is yours.


Are there hosting options?

Finding a solution is one thing but hosting is another. We simplify this by offering everything in the one solution. If however you wish to host INX yourselves our team can install it on your servers.


Can the solution integrate with our current systems?

INX works with existing systems that manage areas such as payroll, time sheeting and HR to ensure minimal disruption to your business and actually increase efficiency. Check out some of the systems we have integrated with and use the calculator to see how much time and money and integration can save you.


Is the solution going to help other departments?

Unlike other products, INX provides a complete suite of workforce management and environmental products so that the system can grow with your company and to allow departments to work together, not separately.


Are there automated notifications and alerts?

Make sure your software provides you with automated notifications and alerts and ones that can be configured to ensure the right people are receiving them. INX offers exactly this.


Does the solution offer reporting and dashboards?

Ensure your tool has built in reporting and dashboards for advanced users and that you do not have to create these yourselves. The purpose of a web based solution is to make your life easier.


Does the solution support multi-language?

As companies grow they must take into account the global nature of their business and the need to support this. If users in your international operations can use the same solution as those locally it takes away the benefits of a centralised and streamlined solution. INX supports globalisation and multi-language so even if you don’t need it just yet, you can turn it on through INX when you are.


Is online help available?

Being able to look up quick reference guides and help topics means you can solve most unknowns yourself right away. We have built an extensive online help so you can do just that.

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