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  • Improve productivity and reduce costs by centralising your travel and logistics management in one location.

    As organisations grow and operations expand, the ability to accommodate your larger workforce becomes more difficult to manage; especially when regular travel is involved. When it's time to book flights, reserve hire cars, arrange driver and journey times, set up rosters, and schedule onsite accommodation for fly-in-fly-out workers, having an automated system to help you do these things becomes essential.

    Travel and Accommodation Management 
    Our travel and accommodation tools through INX InFlight and INX InFlight Mobile enables you to efficiently manage your workforce travel needs through:

    • Viewing the location of all employees and contractors in a single screen
    • Processing charges to cost centers
    • Flagging booking errors
    • Generating reports and graphs using built in templates and tools
    • Creating rosters that align with your business requirements
    • Viewing and reporting on arrival and departure information
    • Automating the booking process
    • Building rosters for future periods to assess demand
    • Managing multi-leg travel routes
    • Booking all forms of travel across commercial flights, charter flights, helicopter flights, bus, car and boat
    • Allowing contractors and employees to review their rosters, travel and itineraries through a secure mobile app

      Learn more about INX InFlight > and INX InFlight Mobile >

    Workflow Management 
    Our workflow management tool, INX +Process, allows your company to automate otherwise manual and time-consuming tasks, and simplifies the process requests for employees and contractors. Allow your workforce to request:

    • Update rosters, mobilize, and edit/deactivate profiles in the workflow
    • Manage fly-in-fly-out workers' schedules
    • Reschedule or re-book, create new, or cancel existing bookings
    • Enable secure access
    • Access unique log in
    • Completed all tasks online; no more emails, phone calls and unnecessary back-and-forth
    • Export reports in either PDF, Word and Excel formats

      Learn more about INX +Process >

    Automated Travel Bookings
    Our automated travel bookings system, INX +TMX, simplifies your travel booking needs and streamlines the booking process, to not only boost efficiencies but also:

    • Perform ad hoc bookings
    • Flexibly use Serko directly or your travel management company
    • Automatically update associated INX InFlight records
    • Access travel bookings on your mobile when on the go
    • Work within an interface with various global distribution systems
    • Automate your booking requests

      Learn more about INX +TMX >

    Reporting Dashboards
    Our advanced reporting and dashboard tool, INX +BI, gives you complete visibility over operations to ensure you remain compliant by providing you with the tools to:

    • Select from over 50 data visualisation types to find the one that works for you
    • View multiple charts, and drill-down to view the breakdown of information
    • Set up your favourite, public and private dashboards
    • Use pre-built injury and event management dashboards
    • Create custom dashboards and reports with the easy to use drag and drop functionality
    • Take your dashboards wherever you go with our desktop and mobile native apps for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 Android
    • Pass the PowerPoint and instead use your dashboards as storyboards to drive your management meetings
    • Export reports in either PDF, Word and Excel formats

      Learn more about INX +BI >

    Our integrated Logistics Solution allows you to manage the key business tasks across accommodation, rosters and travel in the one database. This significantly reduces administration work, improves data accuracy, increases visibility and enables administration, travel and logistics personnel to respond to ad hoc bookings and changes with ease. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to automation and peace of mind. 

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  • 3rd Party Integrations

    • Serko

      Travel Management

      As Australia's leading online booking tool, Serko Online works with INX Software's INX InFlight and INX +TMX solutions to allow travel administrators to book hundreds of commercial flights simultaneously. With booking automation, organisations in the mining, energy and resources sector can dramatically cut costs and improve productivity.

    • SAP ERP

      Enterprise Resource Planning

      SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that incorporates the key business functions of an organisation. INX Software has been integrated with SAP ERP to pull across information related to people, workgroups, rosters and organisation structure changes.

    • Gallagher (Cardax)

      Security System

      The Gallagher system utilises electronic card readers, RFIDs, fingerprint readers and keypads to monitor and control both employees and visitors to site and facilitate a number of key security and business functions. INX Software can interface with Gallagher to grant access based on defined competencies, compliances and procedures and other site entry defined requirements.

  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.4 - What's New


    Our recent major upgrade to Version 5 features a tonne of great features. We are excited to add to the features now available through our INX Version 5.4 release which feature some key updates including: 

    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • The new INX InControl Mobile
    • Updated INX Assessor Mobile for INX InTuition
    • INX Cloud
    • Sample runs
    • Cross product links
    • Reports
    • Obligations
    • Site security
    • Data viewer
    • Calculated fields
    • Medical Surveillance 
    • Workflow requests for Mobilisation, new bookings, cancel bookings and profile changes

    And much more!

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INX manages rosters for more than 55% of Australian Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) workers.


We were fortunate to get feedback from a customer of ours who managed a large scale energy sector project in a remote location in Western Australia. Here's what we found out:

Travel Management Tasks

  • Crew rotations

  • Charter, domestic and international flights

  • Accommodation and camp bookings

  • Ad hoc and emergency bookings

  • Reporting

View the full case study >

Thanks to INX we managed to achieve a saving close to $1,000,000 per annum, even after deducting the cost of the software, that’s a hard cash saving, plus it provides a report with a higher degree of accuracy, with no assumptions or guestimates.

Case Studies


Workforce size


Annual charter flights


Rosters changed


Savings thanks to INX

The new INX InFlight Mobile (coming soon!)


Use INX Software to simplify your Travel Management

INX Software, Serko & American Express Global Business Travel (GBT)


Serko Online is Australasia’s leading online booking tool for large organisations. The Online Booking Tool allows travel administrators and travelers to book flights, accommodation and hire cars anywhere in the world through an easy-to-use web interface. Serko Online also supports powerful FIFO booking functionality that allows FIFO administrators to book hundreds of commercial flights simultaneously using an Excel-based import template. With booking automation, organisations in the mining, energy and resources sector can dramatically cut costs and improve productivity. Serko has worked closely with INX Software to deliver an integrated booking back-end for INX InFlight, called INX +TMX. With INX +TMX, organisations can synchronise traveller profiles, automate flight bookings, receive immediate confirmation and allow travelers to review their flight and travel itinerary via the INX InFlight mobile application.

American Express Global Business Travel

With experienced serving leaders in the energy and mining sectors, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) provides corporate travel booking technology, smart analytics, worldwide strategic partnerships, and duty of care support. Their customers benefit from their 100-year strong purchasing power to access negotiated rates, as well as their innovations that boost compliance, simplify reporting, and help tackle the particular challenges of remote workforce travel. Their presence in nearly 120 countries on six continents means that no matter where their customers’ business takes them, they're nearby and ready to help them succeed.

We knew about INX Software’s solid reputation in the industry and we had a number of employees who had previously used the INX InFlight solution. We have immediately found it far easier to maintain the integrity of our data and manage the travel, accommodation and rosters for our workforce.

Case Studies


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