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  • Encourage innovation, manage ideas and change initiatives from start to finish with our comprehensive business process management solution.

    The ability to successfully implement change can deliver significant cost and time-saving benefits to your business. Failure to manage change correctly can result in added risk to your overall safety and compliance. Organisations that follow a structured and automated approach to change management, either product or process, can not only improve efficiency and productivity but also gain a competitive advantage. The INX business process management solution covers everything from idea creation through to complete implementation.

    Idea Creation

    The Ideas Portal enables users to post, comment, follow and like ideas. Each idea is assigned to a reviewer who is tasked with collating feedback and performing a formal review whilst collecting information such as cost and risk. If approved, users can define how the idea will be implemented and from here they can be pushed through to the Change Portal.

    Change Management

    The Change Portal can operate independently or together with the Ideas Portal, where users can raise a modification, either as a new one altogether or from an approved idea. High-level information is first captured as a description, reference, reason for change, or impact, as well as uploading supporting documentation. The modification is then managed across the review, approval and implementation stage until finally closed out.

    Management of Change Together

    Our integrated Management of Change brings both idea creation and change management together to so you can:

    • Complete assessments to capture key information required to submit change requests
    • Submit ideas and add comments
    • Like and follow ideas, and set up email notifications for these
    • Generate reports
    • Establish roles and responsibilities
    • Stage tracking across all ideas and changes
    • Assess aspects and impacts
    • Add relevant documents with the upload tool
    • Conduct risk assessments
    • Establish health, safety and technical reviews
    • Create and manage actions
    • Improve visibility over proposed ideas
    • Track your ideas from creation into action

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    Management of Change Reporting and Dashboards
    INX’s advanced reporting and dashboard tool, INX +BI, gives you complete visibility over operations to ensure you provide you with greater visibility over all changes in your organisation. You can also:

    • Select from over 50 data visualisation types to find the one that works for you
    • View multiple charts, and drill-down to view the breakdown of information
    • Set up your favourite, public and private dashboards
    • Use pre-built injury and event management dashboards
    • Create custom dashboards and reports with the easy to use drag and drop functionality
    • Take your dashboards wherever you go with our desktop and mobile native apps for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 Android
    • Pass the PowerPoint and instead use your dashboards as storyboards to drive your management meetings
    • Export reports in either PDF, Word and Excel formats

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  • 3rd Party Integrations

    • SAP ERP

      Enterprise Resource Planning

      SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that incorporates the key business functions of an organisation. INX Software has been integrated with SAP ERP to pull across information related to people, workgroups, rosters and organisation structure changes.

    • Pronto

      Business Management

      Pronto is a module system with solutions across finance, distribution, sales, marketing, manufacturing, assets & facilities management and more. INX Software has integrated with Pronto to collect people and workgroup information to filter in to our health and safety, skills and training and travel and logistics solutions.

    • Chris21 (Frontier)

      Human Resources

      An integrated human resource solution for payroll, self-service, recruitment, time and attendance, performance, learning and development and expenses. INX Software can integrate with Chris 21 to pull information such as hours worked to generate lost time injury reports across different departments and workgroups.

  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.4 - What's New


    Our recent major upgrade to Version 5 features a tonne of great features. We are excited to add to the features now available through our INX Version 5.4 release which feature some key updates including: 

    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • The new INX InControl Mobile
    • Updated INX Assessor Mobile for INX InTuition
    • INX Cloud
    • Sample runs
    • Cross product links
    • Reports
    • Obligations
    • Site security
    • Data viewer
    • Calculated fields
    • Medical Surveillance 
    • Workflow requests for Mobilisation, new bookings, cancel bookings and profile changes

    And much more!

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We have used a range of other safety solutions at previous companies but have found INX to be the most intuitive, easy to use, easy to learn and effective.

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