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  • Reduce training costs, simplify course management and carry out assessments with ease all in one place with INX Software's training management system.

    To remain compliant and provide a safe work environment, you must ensure you have performed the checks to certify that your employees and contractors are operating with the required competencies, compliances and procedures to do their job. Failure to do so can open your company up to risk, fines and potential imprisonment should something go wrong or an audit has not passed.

    Managing these requirements has typically been done through multiple spreadsheets or systems and tracking this across an entire workforce becomes complicated as updates are made.

    The INX training and management system encapsulates all of these requirements by enabling your company to conduct mobilisation activities for contractors, define role requirements, map employees to these roles and easily identify if any gaps exist so they can be scheduled into training. We also help by providing the tools to conduct your own online training to speed up this process and keep your company ahead of the rest, ensuring you're equipped with the most compliant and skilled workforce possible.

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  • 3rd Party Integrations

    • SAP ERP

      Enterprise Resource Planning

      SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that incorporates the key business functions of an organisation. INX Software has been integrated with SAP ERP to pull across information related to people, workgroups, rosters and organisation structure changes.

    • Chris21 (Frontier)

      Human Resources

      An integrated human resource solution for payroll, self-service, recruitment, time and attendance, performance, learning and development and expenses. INX Software can integrate with Chris 21 to pull information such as hours worked to generate lost time injury reports across different departments and workgroups.

    • Gallagher (Cardax)

      Security System

      The Gallagher system utilises electronic card readers, RFIDs, fingerprint readers and keypads to monitor and control both employees and visitors to site and facilitate a number of key security and business functions. INX Software can interface with Gallagher to grant access based on defined competencies, compliances and procedures and other site entry defined requirements.

  • Our latest version release

    INX 5.7 - Version Release


    The latest Version 5.7 release is here, and we're excited to share with you some new key features and updates, which include: 

    • Action configuration
    • Company level consolidation
    • Attach documents to checklist items
    • Consolidation of event documents to the documents tab
    • Automated sync of events
    • Attach documents to checklist items
    • Checklist response options
    • Room clean status
    • Group maintenance for rooms
    • Cleaning calendar view
    • Room cleaning roster
    • Usability - flights, people, rosters, rooms, cost centres, reports
    • Serko profile sync along with profile custom fields
    • Occupational hygiene lab integration
    • Health monitoring enhancements
    • Security enhancements
    • Update to occupational hygiene related data fields
    • INX InForm Outlook tool maintenance
    • Single sign on (SSO)
    • Profile validation with comment on rejection notification
    • Profile and photo validation
    • Training records archive

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Features Included in Package
Viewing a gap analysis and level of compliance and competencies across the entire workforce in one screen
Managing and creating training courses in both a face to face and online environment
Generate training, competency, skills, course attendance and other reports and graphs through built in templates or ‘build-your-own’ tools
Viewing a training calendar with schedule courses, attendees and reports
Conducting assessments on the run through the linked mobile application
Accessing training certificates and documentation as evidence for compliances, courses, competencies and procedures
Build course content using videos, presentations, quizzes and more and set pass/fail scores
Generate branded training certificates and automatically assign these to user profiles for auditing and validation purposes along with other documentation
Create courses in multiple languages to support a global workforce
Create refresher courses and automatically notify those who have the relevant competency, compliance or procedure flagged as part of their role
Establish learning pass/fail scores
Select from over 50 data visualisation types to find the one that works for you
View multiple charts, and drill-down to view the breakdown of information
Set up your favourite, public and private dashboards
Use pre-built injury and event management dashboards
Create custom dashboards and reports with the easy to use drag and drop functionality
Take your dashboards wherever you go with our desktop and mobile native apps for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 Android
Pass the PowerPoint and instead use your dashboards as storyboards to drive your management meetings
Export reports in either PDF, Word and Excel formats



Contractor and employee onboarding and mobilsation with INX +LMS 

This exciting addition to INX +LMS enables employees and contractors to complete common mobilisation, on-boarding and pre-site visit requirements through a simple self-registration process.

With INX Software being a local company meant that implementation was easier and they are always there to offer helpful support whenever we need it.

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