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INX 5.6 - Version Release


The latest Version 5.6 release is here, and we're excited to share with you some new key features and updates, which include: 

  • Obligations selector
  • Copy exposure hours from INX InFlight
  • JPEG preview on documents tab
  • Prerequisites, equivalences and exceedances
  • Suspended training requirements
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Travel confirmation (update)
  • Cleaning roster preview (update)
  • Rename security users (update)
  • Multi-site, outgoing flight for other work port default (update)
  • Person accommodation saving duplicates (update)
  • Accommodation wait listing (update)
  • Clinic register
  • Health monitoring register
  • Health calendar
  • Simplified mobilisation work-flow
  • Simplified and amended roster change & new booking work-flow
  • Simplified work-flow cancellation
  • Enrol trainees in course when procedures are about to expire
  • Additional fields captured in INX +LMS profile
  • Upgrade to archive plug-in
  • Event custom fields in reports and graphs

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INX 5.5 - Version Release


The latest Version 5.5 release is here, and we're excited to share with you some new key features and updates, which include: 

  • Report Card Advanced Injury and General Insurance Management
  • Competency codes
  • Unique Student Identifier
  • Document validation
  • Contractor profiles
  • Time zones
  • Audit logs
  • Reports
  • Medical conditions
  • Medical certificates
  • Medicines
  • Occupational Hygiene Quota Planner

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INX 5.4 - What's New


Our recent major upgrade to Version 5 features a tonne of great features. We are excited to add to the features now available through our INX Version 5.4 release which feature some key updates including: 

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • The new INX InControl Mobile
  • Updated INX Assessor Mobile for INX InTuition
  • INX Cloud
  • Sample runs
  • Cross product links
  • Reports
  • Obligations
  • Site security
  • Data viewer
  • Calculated fields
  • Medical Surveillance 
  • Workflow requests for Mobilisation, new bookings, cancel bookings and profile changes

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INX 5.2.5 General Release – Version Release Notes


INX Version 5.2.5 includes some exciting updates with the introduction of a product selector, link bar, online help and INX +Process.

LMS Self Registration – Uploading Documentation

Feature Release

This exciting addition to INX +LMS enables employees and contractors to complete common mobilisation, on-boarding and pre-site visit requirements through a simple self-registration process.

Version 5 of INX InHealth

Major Release

Version 5 of INX InHealth not only included a major overhaul to the user interface but also a whole new suite of functionality within the occupational hygiene management space. The project started in December 2016 and involved several clients and industry experts assisting with the design. By the end of the project, we had 14 different companies contributing to the project. See what's new.

INX InForm Outlook Tool

Feature Release

Introducing the new INX InForm Outlook tool.

This exciting addition to INX InForm provides users with a convenient and simplified means for managing stakeholder and communication records that ensures greater visibility and accuracy of stakeholder activity and performance.

INX V5 Major Release

Major Release

A project that we’re excited to share with you has arrived – INX Version 5! Having done a complete overhaul of our extensive product, our users now are provided with a cleaner, easier and simpler interface for managing their workforce and environment. Some of the new Version 5 features include a faster and smarter page rendering capability, collapsible sections and menu for you to get the most out of your optimised work-screen, useful info prompts to provide you with a page overview for a clearer workflow direction, and more. 

INX InViron Mobile App Release

App Release

With the latest INX InViron Mobile App released, your environmental and compliance management needs are taken care of. Having all the functionality of INX InViron available in the palm of your hand, INX InViron Mobile enables you to have your environmental management power in your pocket. Some of the new features include the ability for users to configure a variety of different field log sheet designs across the different monitoring programs, sample run tracking, and more. 

INX 4.32 General Release


The latest version release is the INX 4.32 General Release and has new and improved functionality for the INX InControl, INX InTuition, and INX InFlight products. Some features include the INX InControl product having a sort order on Effective Date to display the records in order of the Effective Date on the List Time records; INX InTuition now having the ability to sort the date by either ascending or descending order for the ease of use; and INX InFlight enabling flights in the Flights Table can now be viewed based on Worksite security and Assigned Worksite to allow for a greater report visibility. 

INX 4.31 General Release


The latest INX version release is INX 4.31, and includes upgraded features for the INX InControl, INX InTuition, and INX InFlight products. Across all INX InControl event/action notifications the Risk Rating level is now viewable; the Course Calendar now only includes active room availabilities; and an added filtering option with a drop-down list on the Daily Activity Status page has been included. These are just some of the things included in our latest release. 

INX 4.30 General Release


Our latest INX 4.30 General version release includes an extensive list of upgrades to the INX InControl and INX InFlight product solutions and minor changes to the INX InTuition product. These include the removal of unnecessary additional saving functions, an easier-to-access path to the Revised Risk Assessment page, and the added ability for users to create and apply a Clean on Departure function without having to add a Cleaning roster. 

INX 4.29 General Release


The INX 4.29 General Release includes improved changes to the INX InControl and INX InFlight product solutions. These include the ability to select 'Add Medical Certificate' and 'Add Return to Work' options, and for ease of access to flights and their information hyperlinks have been added to the Flight Bookings’ Display All Flights page, where the Flight link and the Booking Status drop-down are now displayed based on Worksite Security. Click on the View Details button to more about the improvements we've made. 

INX 4.28 General Release


We've made improvements to the INX InControl, INX InTuition, and INX InFlight product ranges in the latest INX 4.28 General Version Release. These include the ability for users to delete an action that has Responsibility or Due Date set to Mandatory after an entry has been made, removing the additional logging in when changes have been made in the Competency/Compliance Advanced Details tab, and more. To continue reading, press the View Details button. 

INX 4.27 General Release


In our latest version release, INX 4.27, we've made improvements to existing features such as having wider access within an event to see the Event Report PDF and Event Report Template in INX InControl, and adding more valuable information to the Travel Confirmation Report in INX InFlight. 

INX InViron 4.0.21 Minor Release


In this minor INX InViron 4.0.21 release, we have focused on improving the monitoring and measuring functionality, including a obligations and stakeholder component, and upgraded the reporting capabilities. These include the ability to upload and manage records of any correspondence against Obligations, Stakeholders or People and Issues in the Communications Register, and the added ability to view the Data Table or monitoring program in the Sample Run table. To read more, press the View Details button. 

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