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28 Jul 2023

Seat swap confirmed and overbooked passengers on integrated flights, new improvements and fixes

V 6.3.37

Available from 28 July 2023


New feature


Seat swap confirmed and overbooked passengers on integrated flights in SAM

SAM users are now able to seat swap confirmed and overbooked passengers on an integrated flight via the manage booking sequence page. The Integrated Carriers partners that will now allow a seat swap include; Alliance, REX and AEGBT. [Canny]




Mandatory fields marked with asterisk in SAM

Within an INX SAM person profile, any tab that contains a mandatory field is now displayed with an asterisk.

Additional report criteria in Arrival Departure By Location

SRF274 Arrival Departure By Location now has the additional report criteria of Department and Employer. 

Robots can consider arrival and departure shift status

Workforce automation Robots can now take into consideration arrival and departure shift status within a workflow request. 

Request tab in Folio Document accurately display new requested camp

On a Folio Document (Reschedule/Change an Existing Booking), when a requestor changes the camp on an existing booking, the requested tab will now accurately display the new camp that has been requested. 

New columns in Workflow User List

SRF301 Workflow User List now includes the columns “Page after submitting a document” and “Landing Page”.

Cleaning notes display updates

In INX SAM, on the cleaning history page, improvements have been made to the way updated cleaning notes are displayed. 

New column in Arrival Departure 2

SRF163 Arrival Departure 2, includes a new column, on the arrivals tab, called “Arriving Residents Departing Shift Status”. This will populate additional data for rostered personnel.


Bug fixes


Room Lock Type displaying in Camp Usage by Contractor (Department and Employer)

SRF180 Camp Usage By Contractor (Department and Employer) was incorrectly displaying the internal name instead of the display name of a Room Lock Type.

One message for split accommodation booking in SAM

An SAM user was receiving a duplicate message for a split accommodation booking. 

Employee number displaying in the Badge Number column

On SRF130 Occupancy Details, the data in the Badge Number column was incorrectly displaying the cost code data instead of the Employee number.

Attach documents with special characters in Workflow

In Workflow – Folio, where documents containing special characters were unable to be attached. 


Workforce Kiosk App upgrade


  • Background changes have been made
  • SMS URL’s have been updated
  • Fixes have been made to the mobile number validation
  • Fixes have been made to the send email itinerary function
  • Fixes have been made so that users cannot see their room numbers until the day of arrival
  • Fixes have been made so that the mobile application can display changes made by the night audit
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