Invite and onboard your workers before they commence work

Save time by sending invitations to your employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors so they can effortlessly connect, access and complete their onboarding and training requirements before they commence work for your organisation.

Build onboarding workflows

Our onboarding software allows you to build unique and personalised workflows for each type of role employed across your organisation, capturing the information needed for their job, task or location they are working at. The workflow questionnaire will further classify your team members, outlining their responsibilities, experience, qualifications and other criteria required to be onboarded.

Capture licences, and job required records

Capture and verify vital information about everyone you employ, such as documents, certificates, video and other assets relevant to their role and nature of their employment. Align these records to your legislation or business process requirements.

  • Trade licences
  • Working with children
  • Identification
  • Certificate
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Drivers licences
  • Training Records
  • Security clearance
  • Employment history
  • Police checks
  • Pre work medical assessments
  • Payroll information
  • Right to work
  • Emergency contacts

Deliver corporate and site inductions

Avoid the need to conduct face-to-face inductions by using INX Sitepass’ onboarding software to build and assign online training, for completion prior to commencing work. Deliver interactive content such as corporate inductions, site inductions, policies and procedures using content pages, videos, audio, assessments, acknowledgements and even upload your SCORM content. INX Sitepass makes training, upskilling and ensuring your people understand the requirements of working for your company seamless with an efficient and effective onboarding process.

Learn more about online induction software.

Track compliance and workflow modifications with the history log

Onboarding software ensures you’re always on top of the compliance of your employees, contractors and volunteers with INX Sitepass history logs. All modifications to information and records are tracked in the history log, identifying who made the change, why the change was made and when the change occurred.

Track expired records and send reminder notifications

Automatically track the expiry date of important records including training, licenses and certificates, and receive alerts prior to these records expiring. Expired records will automatically decline the onboarding workflow, restricting a contractors ability to work or check into site until the expired record has been corrected.

Check in to site and monitor time and attendance

Allow your workforce to check into site by using the INX Sitepass visitor management system, monitoring their time of attendance and duration at all locations. INX Sitepass offers a single solution to keep your sites protected, by blocking access for someone to sign in when they haven’t completed their onboarding, inductions or been verified to work at that location.

Issue a digital ID for onsite spot checks

All individuals are issued with a INX Sitepass ID either as a downloadable card or as a mobile application. Scan the QR barcode on the ID to view personal and contact information and check that individual has been onboarded and is qualified for the job at hand.

Verify workflows and documents

Verification allows each record, document and form to be individually reviewed and approved, and feedback or actions sent to each individual where more information is required. Once all workflows have been completed, verification allows for the onboarded individual to be approved in order to commence work.

Searches to find the people you need

Quickly access your entire workforce with advanced filters and searches. Filter by location, role, qualification, job, work site and more, and then pin these searches to your dashboard to see a snapshot of your workforce and its compliance status.

Suspend and disconnect your people

Our onboarding software also acts as a digital filing cabinet. Disconnect the people that no longer work at your organisation, whilst still retaining all records and information captured in the workflows, so you never lose any history.

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