Business needs

Solutions for your business needs

Access a suite of software solutions that responds to the demands of your compliance, workforce management, environmental, health, safety, training and reporting needs.

Camp accommodation management

See the benefits of improving and streamlining your FIFO logistics operations with our fit-for-purpose solution.

    Contractor management

    Manage compliance, secure entry and keep track of contractors and visitors.

      FIFO logistics

      Navigate the complexities of coordinating travel arrangements, accommodation bookings, and itineraries for a remote workforce.

        Hazard reporting

        Be compliant, prepared and proactive in your approach to safety by reporting hazards and addressing delivery risks.

          Injury management

          Reap the benefits of reduced downtime and lower insurance costs. Secure your reputation and protect your people.

            Occupational hygiene

            Safeguard the safety, health and well-being of your workforce by transforming your medical and hygiene outcomes.

              Room cleaning management

              Welcome your workforce to site with clean and correct amenities.

                Roster and flight management

                Coordinate rosters and flights efficiently for your FIFO workforce and remote operations.

                  Safety audits and checklists

                  Empower your workforce to take ownership of safety practices and establish consistent safety habits within your operations.

                    Staff onboarding

                    Seamlessly integrate new hires and get your team site-ready.

                      Track safety incidents

                      Proactively monitor and record safety incidents so you can mitigate risk and foster a safe workplace culture.

                        Track soil and air quality

                        Meet growing demands for accountability and reporting on ESG and sustainable performance.

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