Occupational Hygiene

Safeguard the safety, health and well-being of your workforce by transforming your medical and hygiene outcomes.

Occupational hygienists and medical professionals have the complex and business-critical task of managing the health and safety of a workforce. Give them the tools they need to assess risk. Our occupational hygiene software simplifies the task of assessments, reporting and sampling, so you can determine the most at-risk groups within your organisation and their exposure levels to hazards.

By streamlining the health and occupational hygiene reporting and processes, your organisation can prioritise compliance and keep your people safe.

Our difference

Over 20 years’ experience

On some of the most complex, remote, and fast-paced operations in the world, INX Software is keeping businesses moving, addressing real-world challenges through intuitive and intelligent design.

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

Our intelligent software has centralised the entire occupational hygiene capturing and reporting process, removing the need for a paper-based system.

Keep your people safe

Keep your people safe

People are at the heart of all operations – by keeping yours safe, you can continue evolving your health and safety practices and procedures.

Safe and secure data

Safe and secure data

We understand the importance of keeping personal and private data secure. Our security practices and product functionality can give you peace of mind that access to the data is limited to those with correct permissions.

Our Solutions

INX InHealth

Streamline, simplify and transform employee health and occupational hygiene

  • Manage on-site medical clinics and first aid stations
  • Conduct fit to work testing and health screening
  • Undertake drug, alcohol and COVID testing
  • Enhance occupational and industrial hygiene management
  • Create Similar Exposure Group (SEG) sampling and analysis
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