INX InFlight

The bird's eye view of your remote workforce

  • Simplify and centralise administration of workforce management
  • Manage your roster, flight and accommodation requirements
  • Manage bookings, cleaning rosters and check your workers in or out online
  • Streamline how you communicate updates to your workforce
  • Manage multi-leg journeys
  • Trusted by Australia’s biggest resources companies
INX InFlight

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INX InFlight supports workforce mobilisation for large, remote and complex operations.

Manage any type of roster, travel and camp management operations, create rosters that align with your business requirements, schedule arrivals and departures, assign rooms based on rosters, and more — across multiple sites.

View information in roster calendars so you can see an overview of an employee or contractor’s work status.

Generate personalised itineraries for employees or contractors, covering the information they need to know to get to site. This includes their flight details, room number and shift duration.

You can also customise your itineraries using site and mobilisation information tailored to each site.

Assign employees or contractors to rosters to make automatic flight and accommodation bookings. You can also waitlist them in the event a flight is full or all accommodation is booked.

Flight and accommodation bookings can be scheduled or made on an ad-hoc basis, providing you flexibility when mobilising your remote workforce.

By adding on INX +Advanced Cleaning, you can ensure every worker has a clean room, clean towels and fresh linen ready to go, by making your company’s changeovers seamless. Your utility workforce can access real-time support in-field and manage cleans more efficiently.

Don’t get caught with errors on departure day. INX InFlight identifies potential problems in the flight and booking process, including booking duplicates or workers without a flight or room booked, and flags them for review.

INX InFlight enables you to manage both commercial and charter flights, from bookings to forecasting and optimisation.

Our integration with travel management platform Serko supports powerful FIFO functionalities and enables administrators to book hundreds of commercial flights simultaneously. Direct synchronisation of traveller profiles to Serko allows you to book using information within INX InFlight.

Record your emergency management team and utilise INX features and report in planning for shelter-in-place (SIP), demob and remobilisation of the workforce during inclement weather, shutdowns and other major movements or incidents.

If you have purchased other INX Software products, your employee and contractor’s profile information will be updated across each system, saving time and ensuring data consistency.

Allow your workforce to view their upcoming flights and roster itinerary with our mobile application — available for download on iOS or Android.

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Additional Functionality


Our integrated workforce management platform is tailored to the needs of large, complex and remote organisations with mobile workforces. INX InFlight has full integration with other INX applications.

INX Assessor

INX Assessor provides cloud management of digital practical assessments with embedded photographic evidence.

INX InControl

INX InControl allows your business to navigate safety and risk challenges using a game-changing single source of truth.

INX InForm

INX InForm ensures critical obligations are met by assigning tasks to responsible people and using verifiers with escalation roles.

INX InHealth

INX InHealth transforms the safety of your workplace by facilitating medical and hygiene outcomes for employees, contractors and visitors.

INX InTuition

INX InTuition transforms your compliance and ensures on-site safety by capturing all role and training requirements.

INX Sitepass

INX Sitepass gives you a comprehensive overview of your full workforce at every stage of their journey.

INX+Advanced Cleaning

INX+Advanced Cleaning gives you complete visibility of your cleaning management processes and provide in-field support to your workforce.


Delivers actionable data through personalised, easy-to-use, interactive dashboards for improved understanding and decision-making.


Enhance your INX InFlight experience by managing booking and contractor mobilisation requests.

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