Enable efficient employee and contractor mobilisation with self-registration, booking requests and automated notifications.

  • Enhance your INX InFlight experience
  • Self-service management of bookings and contractor mobilisation requests
  • Leverage powerful automation
  • Create workflows for mobilisation, roster changes, new bookings, cancellations profile management

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INX +Process enables efficient employee and contractor mobilisation with self-registration, booking requests and automated notifications.

Simply send a link to selected personnel to enter their details, upload required documentation and requested flights and accommodation for approval and processing.

Keep contractors informed on the documentation required and deadlines for receipt.

Provide your team an online link to unlock email notifications to confirm successful booking requests.

Submit travel booking requests to start a series of automated workflows, including notifying travel and line managers, previewing rosters, travel and accommodation requirements, and processing and approving requests.

Contractors can complete requests online and track them to ensure the relevant personnel are notified across all stages.

Configure your organisation’s workflow and forms so requests can be processed faster and keep key people involved throughout the request.

Add and edit profiles and roles, and transfer people between roles and departments in one place, with updates reflected across INX Software products. Tracking compliance for site entry is automatically mirrored in INX InTuition.

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