A single system to deliver online training to your entire workforce

INX Sitepass allows you to author, assign, manage and report on the delivery of online training to your entire workforce. By taking the entire induction process online, you eliminate time consuming face to face inductions, saving you time and money. Build training to educate your people on your business, its processes and deliver important information they need to know in order to work for your company.

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Self-author unlimited eLearning courses

Self-author training using INX Sitepass’ course authoring tool. Create interactive mobile accessible courses to deliver your corporate information to your contractors, employees and volunteers. Online induction software makes it easy to author training modules, add topics, pages, videos, assessments, track compliance and report on course progress. Training you develop is transferable too, so you can export the training in SCORM format to deliver it through another LMS.

Host and distribute your self-authored SCORM courses

INX Sitepass is SCORM compatible, upload your self-authored SCORM content directly in INX Sitepass, and deliver this content to your workforce to ensure everyone is inducted, trained and compliant before they start work.

Deliver site inductions

Before a contractor, employee or visitor enters a site, they need to understand the site processes, hazards and risks specific to the location, safety plans, layout of the workplace including entries, exits, loading and unloading areas, location of facilities, first aid, and security requirements. Online induction software makes delivering this information easy by allowing mobile accessible site inductions to be created and delivered in INX Sitepass workflows. Once they are compliant, the visitor management system will grant them site access.

Reinforce learning through multiple choice assessments

Assessments can play an important role in helping an organisation measure its employees and contractors’ capabilities, abilities, aptitudes and personalities. Taking assessment tests can help you prove that your workers have what it takes to succeed in your workplace. INX Sitepass’ online induction software allows you to author and deliver unlimited assessments, build banks of questions, define pass marks to validate your workforce capabilities based on their role, task or location they are working at.

Meet your ISO and compliance requirements

Training your staff and contractors is an important aspect in any ISO certification. INX Sitepass makes meeting your ISO certification easier, build and deploy compliance training to your staff and contractors, and then track completion of training in the INX Sitepass workflows and dashboards.

Capture on the job, face to face and external training records

Leverage INX  Sitepass workflows to capture training delivered externally, such as on the job training, classroom training, practical assessments, and simulations, and capture evidence of all training with uploaded certificates, badges, videos and audio recordings in real time.

Integrate training with a learning record store

Integrate INX Sitepass with your learning Record Store (LRS), send and store all training records across your entire organisation in a central place, and build dashboards and reports to gain further insights into your learners.

Issue certificates and badges

Issue certificates and badges when your workforce complete their training and have passed their assessments, recognizing the people for their demonstrated competencies and skills.

Keep your employees and contractors up to date with refresher training

As your business changes, so does its policies, procedures, and work instructions. Sitepass provides an easy and effective way to manage the delivery of this information with refresher training. Reduce seat time with pre assessments or distribute polices with checkbox acknowledgements.

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