Energy & utilities

Intuitive software to safeguard your people.

Access real-time insights, integrate your data and gain better oversight of high-risk energy and utility operations with INX Software.

With a world-leading product suite that helps organisations manage risk, and meet compliance, logistics, training and reporting requirements, INX Software is the leading choice for large, complex, remote and fast-paced workforces.

Our software helps energy companies, renewable providers and utilities manage site access, deliver on-demand training, gain more effective health and safety oversight, and track and certify qualifications — among other solutions.

Find out why INX is trusted by Australia’s leading companies.

Find out why INX is trusted with by Australia’s leading companies.


  • Breadth of software solutions tailored to the needs of energy and utility clients
  • Practical software that makes for safer, smarter and more sustainable workplaces
  • Real-time insights and data integration
  • Deep domain knowledge and thought leadership
  • Trusted by large, complex and fast-paced companies across Australia and around the globe
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