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Assign workers as administrators, crop, rotate, and edit profile photos and business logos, and new permissions

V 2.17

Strengthening user security with enforced single sign-on, account security upgrades when changing a password

V 2.16

Report on operational steps and forms

V 2.15.0

Manage the performance and operational activities of your workforce

V 2.14.0

Workflow and worksite status calculation

V 2.13.0

Generate a report on a recurring schedule

V 2.12.0

New integration with AlcoMeasure Breathalyser

V 2.11.0

Save your reports

V 2.10.0

Assign personalised workflows to contractors, team members and visitors

V 2.9.0

Integration with INX InControl and INX InFlight, report updates and our new brand identity

V 2.8.0

Performance and usability updates for search pages

V 2.7.0

Redesigned invitation process with new central invite button

V 2.6.0

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