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In-app site sign-in, view contractor contacts, disable connection emails and skip workflow wizard on reset

V 2.1.0

New kiosk application and customise the sign-in pathways for each type of visitor

V 2.0.0

Restrict the work sites and categories selected by team members, contractors and visitors

V 1.9.0

Report on your workflows

V 1.8.0

Take control and manage access with the new permission system

V 1.7.0

Broadcast email and SMS messages

V 1.6.0

Control deletion of uploaded files, new main menu, upgraded quick search, migration tool and improvements to reporting

V 1.5.15

Assign custom workflows to visitors, view recent worksite activity for an individual and trigger web hooks for team members and workers events

V 1.5.14

View an individuals worksite activity and check in quicker using the Sitepass ID

V 1.5.13

List view search updates, workflow status bar, my team category filter and batch logging

V 1.5.12

Flag the team members, contractors and workers you want updates on with the Watchlist

V 1.5.11

Self-reset of completed courses, real time integration with webhooks and integration API security update

V 1.5.10

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