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Email updates

23 Jul 2021

Broadcast email and SMS messages

V 1.6.0

Available from 27 July 2021


New features


Broadcast email or SMS messages to your workforce

INX Sitepass now makes it possible to send messages to everyone you have connected, including your contract workers, team members and visitors. Create a personalised message for an individual or group of people that can be sent in either email or sms format. Send custom messages for any of the following possible events:

  • Send safety updates to people on site
  • Toolbox meeting notes and actions
  • Process or work instruction changes
  • Personalised messages to individuals
  • Information about a job or project.
  • Send daily and weekly safety messages
  • Requests about a workflow or training requirements
  • Notifications to support with business changes regarding Covid-19
  • Welcome messages, and
  • General updates about your business.

This latest update provides one central platform for your business to easily send custom messages to your entire workforce from any device.

Broadcast a message to a group of people

Throughout the Sitepass application we have introduced a Send a message button.  This button can be located at the top of each search page, against a user’s profile and against each worksite.



Clicking this button on each search page will present a screen that allows any user to broadcast a message to a group of people listed in the search.  The slide out window will display:

  • the recipients that will receive the message
  • a text box to enter a subject and message body, and
  • options to select the format of the message.

Using the available filters or saved searches provides an easy way to refine the list of people to be messaged, either by their assigned workflow, status, category, and locations.

Clicking the send button will immediately send the message to each recipient and record this message in their workflow history.



Sending personal messages to individuals

Alternatively it is possible to send a personal message to an individual. Against each user’s profile and workflow, clicking the send a message button will select only the individual as a recipient. Adding additional recipients is easy, just click the add button to search for others to add to the message.

Viewing messages sent in INX Sitepass

The benefit that new message feature offers over using separate messaging tools (e.g. outlook or Gmail) is that all messages are recorded against the user’s profile. From within INX Sitepass, the user can see all messages they have received in their workflow history log, including who sent the message and date and time the message was sent.  This provides a history of all messages and reassurance to the sender that the message can view directly within INX Sitepass.



Sending messages by email

Sending emails is enabled by default and is a excellent way to send regular safety messages or updates about your organisation.  This makes it possible to send free messages to any of your workers, team members and visitors.  Even contractors have access to the new feature to send email messages to their own staff.  Emails will be sent in real time and contain who the message was from, the subject, and message body.



Sending messages by SMS

Sending messages by SMS is a powerful way to send safety updates or changes to work instructions that need to be received immediately by anyone who is on site or not able to get access to view their emails. A fee applies to SMS messages and the number messages sent is reported in the Sitepass billing page.

Sending SMS messages is disabled by default in INX Sitepass. Please contact your customer success manager or service desk to discuss any fees associated with enabling SMS messages.

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