INX InForm

Protect your reputation and the planet

  • Manage company obligations and conditions in one central platform
  • Capture stakeholder communication, sentiment and engagement across topics
  • Manage tenements and financial commitments
  • Assign recurring task responsibility and escalations
  • Record tenement registration information
INX InForm

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INX InForm ensures critical obligations and conditions are being met and the communication with key stakeholders about them is being tracked.

INX InForm creates a central register of your company’s most critical obligations and conditions and ensures they’re not forgotten about when staff movements occur or other priority projects are present.

Assign responsible persons to tasks in INX InForm and choose whether the tasks need to be verified. Apply task recurrence through a flexible engine, notifications and escalation rules to ensure tasks are always completed on time keeping your obligation conditions conformant.

Our intuitive software captures communications and sentiment across emails, phone calls and social media, to ensure you understand how your organisation manages and engages with key stakeholders.  INX InForm integrates directly into Microsoft Outlook™ with the InForm Outlook Plugin Tool and ensures the history of your stakeholder communication is preserved across role turnover.

Through our dashboarding and reporting tools, INX InForm can give you complete visibility of your key stakeholder communication and sentiment as well as upcoming, completed and overdue tasks.

Focus on the tasks that matter most by using our priority grading system and configuring email notifications and escalations based on the task priority.

Find out how you can protect your organisation’s reputation and the planet with INX InForm.

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Find out how you can protect your reputation and the planet with INX InForm.

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Our obligation and task management platform is tailored to the needs of highly complex organisations with engaged stakeholders and compliance requirements. INX InForm integrates with other INX applications.

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