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27 Oct 2021

Report on your workflows

V 1.8.0

Available from 29 October 2021


New features


Report on your INX Sitepass workflows

We are excited to announce the release of workflow reporting in INX Sitepass.

INX Sitepass workflows make it possible for our clients to capture information about their staff, contractors, or visitors.  Information such as licences, insurances, vaccinations, qualifications, and other information can be captured in the INX Sitepass workflows. Workflows can deliver online training such as site inductions, policies, and procedures. INX Sitepass reporting makes it possible to extract all information captured in the assigned workflows including form data and induction training records.

INX Sitepass reporting include the following features:

  • Report on workflow information from the contractor, worker, visitor, and team member search pages.
  • Reports will output all information captured in the form assigned to each workflow.
  • Extract induction training information captured in the training workflows.
  • Extract information to report on expired records or training.
  • Report on workflow statuses for all steps, records, or individual steps.
  • Filter report data by selecting a saved search.
  • Access a history of all generated reports from the new reporting dashboard.
  • Centrally report on workflows from the reporting dashboard.
  • Download previously generated reports.
  • Re-run reports to source new data collected in the workflows.
  • Filter the previously generated reports by their date or report type.
  • Sitepass will send an email when each report is ready to be downloaded.
  • Generated reports are added to a queue to allow users to continue to use Sitepass whilst the data is generated.
  • Report on business and personal detail information
  • Control access to the data that is reported on via the new permission system.

View all previously generated reports from the reporting dashboard



Extract worker, visitor and team member training records



Report on contractor workflow steps



Report on  assigned workflow steps and statuses



Updated default notifications for assigned workflows

Notifications settings against each users profile have been updated with the following changes:

  • The selection of declined and approved status are locked for assigned workflows (client and my workflows).  This change has been introduced to ensure users in INX Sitepass are always notified when their assigned workflows are expired/ declined and when they have been approved.
  • The notification page under each users profile lists all system generated notifications that the user is may receive from INX Sitepass.
  • For My workflow and Client notifications, all statuses have been selected by default.  Users can unselect the Conditional, Pending, Incomplete and Ready notifications status they do not wish to receive.




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