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07 Oct 2021

Take control and manage access with the new permission system

V 1.7.0

Available from 9 October 2021


New features


New permission system

Our customers requested that they needed greater control over the features, users, and information their team members can access in INX Sitepass. This control is now possible with the introduction of the new permission system.

Permissions in INX Sitepass allow you define what your team members can do. As an example, if some of your team members are responsible for course content creation, but don’t require access to verify or review contractor information, this can be achieved with the permissions system. Permissions assigned can be as broad as full access over all connected contractors and workers, or as narrow as the ability to view a single workflow step.

With the new permission system you can:

  • Centrally create and manage permission groups to simplify the assignment of permissions to team members.
  • Assign custom permissions to individuals.
  • Restrict the forms that can be viewed, edited and verified that are assigned to contractors, visitors, workers, or team members.
  • Define access to all or specific contractors, workers, clients, visitors, and team members.
  • Restrict who can invite new contractors, visitors, and team members.
  • Limit the configuration options that are accessible to each user, for example authoring training, form creation or billing.
  • Control which works sites a user can view and edit.
  • Limit the features that your users should see for example hiding the Client workflows.
  • View an audit log that lists which users are assigned each permission group.
  • Define the permission groups that can view and edit sections in a form.

The new permission system is flexible and provides control over the sensitive and personal information captured in INX Sitepass about your workforce. Examples how the new permission system can be implemented within your business include:

  • Provide access for security personnel to view who is on site.
  • Provide learning and development coordinators permission to only create new courses.
  • Give the finance team access to the billing information such as invoices
  • Allow contract managers to view specific contractors and staff they directly manage them as part of a contract
  • Provide principal contractors access to manage their sub-contractors’ workflows and information.
  • Create a role that provides users with permissions to verify workflows e.g. insurances documents.
  • Assign Site Managers permissions over the sites they need to manage and limit them to only view workers connected to each site.
  • Enable the procurement team access to only contractor business records.
  • Provide office managers access to manage your business information for each connected client.
  • Issue managers with permissions to view and manage their own staff.
  • Give HR managers access to view, edit and verify the information of all employees.
  • Issue ICT team access to the developer features such as webhooks.

For further reading refer to our knowledge base articles or contact your customer success manager to start planning your permission setup.

View knowledge base article

Creating permission groups

From configuration administrators can create custom permission groups and define the access granted to this group.


Auditing permission assignment

Administrators can audit the users who are assigned to each permission group and add new users to each permission.


Assigning permissions to individuals

Against each user there is a permission button, when selected a window will appear enabling a permission group to be selected or custom permissions assigned to the individual.


Restricted access from permissions

The screenshots below preview the access a user is granted when they are only able to configure training and when they are given management over a work site.




Capture COVID-19 vaccinations, photos of completed tasks and other files via QR code check in

Visitors, contractors, or staff who sign in or out of site by scanning the QR code can now be required to upload files. From the from builder in INX Sitepass, administrators can add one or multiple file uploads field to work site forms. Adding upload fields to the QR check in process enables documents, photos, videos, or other evidence to be provided when a visitor enters or leaves a site.  Types of files that could be upload include:

  • COVID-19 vaccination evidence
  • COVID-19 test results
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Evidence of completed works such as photos
  • Copies of permits
  • Job safety analysis (JSA)
  • Profile photos

Uploaded files can then be viewed and downloaded against each visitors check in history from the work site activity page.

View preregistered visitors

Changes have been introduced to the left menu in INX Sitepass to provide easier navigation and access to manage your visitors.  The updates include:

  • The Visitors menu has been relabelled as Worksite activity. This lists all visitors, contractors or staff who have been invited and signed in and out of a site.
  • A new page called Visitors has been introduced.  This page lists all invited visitors who are required to preregister and be inducted before going to site.  This page makes it easier to manage the verification and approval of visitors.
  • Worksites menu has been moved and grouped with visitors and the worksite activity menu.
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