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View an individuals worksite activity and check in quicker using the Sitepass ID

V 1.5.13

List view search updates, workflow status bar, my team category filter and batch logging

V 1.5.12

Flag the team members, contractors and workers you want updates on with the Watchlist

V 1.5.11

Self-reset of completed courses, real time integration with webhooks and integration API security update

V 1.5.10

Work site status, billing updates and contractor invite improvements

V 1.5.9

Force periodic reviews with the workflow refresher and Sitepass ID card updates

V 1.5.8

History log redesign, pre-populate your account details when signing in at site, invitation codes and workflow tours

V 1.5.7

Worksite managers can now view, edit, or verify workflows or invite visitors based on the permissions granted

V 1.5.6

Creating and personalising your access with a branded portal

V 1.5.5

Introducing a way to reduce your contractor and worker connection costs and to better govern your contractors

V 1.5.4

Embed PDFs into forms, new workflow verification service and onboarding experience expanded to individuals

V 1.5.3

Visitor invites, inductions and contactless sign-in solutions

V 1.5.2

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