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17 Jan 2024

Report on operational steps and forms

V 2.15.0

Available from 19 January 2024


New features


Report on operational steps and forms


In our previous INX Sitepass release, version 2.14, we introduced the operational steps and forms functionality. Operational steps empower you to assign forms to contractors, team members, and visitors without disrupting their onboarding workflows. These forms serve as a tool for delivering information or collecting essential documents and data to manage the operations and performance of the entire workforce.

Building on this enhancement, our latest version of INX Sitepass reporting has been updated to include operational step form data. Now, business administrators and users with the relevant permissions can take advantage of the following features:

  1. Export data as a CSV document: Capture information collected in operational steps and export it as a CSV document.

  2. Configure and save reports: Tailor operational step reports to your specific needs and save them for quick and easy access in the future.

  3. Schedule email reports: Schedule operational step reports to be automatically emailed at specified intervals, streamlining communication and ensuring timely updates.

The operational step report feature is accessible from various sections within INX Sitepass, including My Team, Contractors, Workers, Visitors, and the Reporting section.

For detailed instructions and guidance on generating, saving, and scheduling your operational step reports, check out our comprehensive knowledge base.

Saving an operational step report

Scheduling an operational step report

Generating ad hoc operational step report

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