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19 Sep 2023

New integration with AlcoMeasure Breathalyser

V 2.11.0

Available from 19 September 2023


New features


INX Sitepass integration with AlcoMeasure Breathalyser



High-risk work sites, such as mining, oil & gas and construction industries, strictly enforce a zero-alcohol policy. Every individual entering these premises is required to abstain from alcohol consumption to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the workplace.

Our INX Sitepass visitor management solution seamlessly integrates with the AlcoMeasure wall-mounted breathalyser unit. This automates the process of testing and identifying individuals who may have consumed alcohol when they sign in and enter any work site.

The integration also simplifies the requirement for specific visitors to undergo an alcohol breath test and offers centralised and robust reporting on sign-in activities, including alcohol test results.

About the AlcoMeasure Breathalyser

The AlcoMeasure Breathalyser is a world-leading, Australian-made wall-mounted breathalyser known for its unparalleled accuracy and reliability in alcohol testing. It performs automatic self-calibration at least every 48 hours, utilising its internally-fitted certified gas.

AlcoMeasure offers various configurations to cater to the specific needs of industries such as mining, oil & gas, road safety, hospitality and workplace safety.

How does the integration work? 

Whether they are visitors, contractors, or staff, individuals are required to check in at the INX Sitepass Kiosk when they arrive at site. Depending on their role, they may need to complete an alcohol breath test during the sign-in process.

Our INX Sitepass Kiosk application provides step-by-step guidance for individuals to complete a breath test using the AlcoMeasure breathalyser unit as part of their sign in. A successful test result allows the visitor to complete the sign-in to the site.

However, if the visitor fails the breath test, they will be unable to sign in and an email notification will be sent to the host or site contact. All test results, whether passed or failed, are meticulously tracked, and can be conveniently accessed and reported within the INX Sitepass reports.


Included features


Configure your breathalyser for each site and type of visitor

The breathalyser integration can be assigned to specific work sites, and one or multiple breathalysers can be configured for each location. The configuration allows specific visitor types to be requested to complete an alcohol breath test along with the required breath alcohol concentration limit.



Receive a notification for failed alcohol breath tests

The work site contact email and/or the host can be notified by email immediately when a visitor fails an alcohol test.



Reporting on visitor alcohol breath test results

The work site activity report includes a new column that displays the breath alcohol content (BrAC) from each visitors test. Failed and passed results are captured and reportable, and the report can be filtered using the Failed BrAC test.



Know when the breathalyser device is ready to commence a breath test

Our Kiosk application will validate when the breathalyser device is ready and instruct the visitor to complete their test.



Visitor knows when they have passed their test

Our Kiosk application will display a page when the visitor passes their result. The page will display their result and instructions to continue signing in.


Visitor knows when they have failed their test

Our Kiosk application will display a page when the visitor fails their alcohol test.



Find out more

Refer to the following knowledge base articles for further Information about the AlcoMeasure breathalyser integration:


Request a demo

If you’re interested in learning more about the INX Sitepass breathalyser integration and would like to see the integration in action, please contact us for a product demo.



INX Sitepass Kiosk application updates

Our INX Sitepass visitor management kiosk version 1.1.0 includes the following updates:

  • AlcoMeasure breathalyser integration – Integrate our INX Sitepass Kiosk application with the AlcoMeasure breathalyser unit to require an alcohol breath test when your visitors, staff or contractors sign in at site.
  • Audible sound – Our INX Sitepass Kiosk will play an audible sound when a visitor signs in, signs out, and have failed their sign in.
  • Non mirrored photo – Profile photos captured are non-mirrored, allowing text and other information captured in the photo to be legible.
  • Printer bug – We have applied a bug fix with the label printer, which was printing blank labels with iOS 16+.
  • Brand and logo updates – Our new INX Sitepass logo added to the kiosk.
  • A range of additional bug fixes and improvements have been introduced.

The new version of the Kiosk application can be downloaded from the iOS app store here.



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