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Email updates

28 May 2024

Strengthening user security with enforced single sign-on, account security upgrades when changing a password

V 2.16

Available from 9 June 2024


New features


Strengthening user security with enforced single sign-on (SSO)

We are excited to introduce a new feature for our intelligent SAML 2.0 SSO solution, streamlining the log-in process and improving security for staff and contractors. This new feature enables your users to log in via SSO based on your workforce’s email domain and also includes the latest enhancements for your authentication process:

    • Enforce SSO setting: A new configuration option, ‘Enforce SSO’, has been added to INX Sitepass’ SSO settings to help strengthen log-in security across your workforce.
    • Domain-based SSO enforcement: Administrators can now specify domain names for each user’s SSO configuration. Users with email addresses matching these domains must log in via SSO. To add a domain name to your SSO configuration, please contact your Account Manager.
    • Improved log-in process: We’re delighted to introduce a redesigned log-in page. Users will first enter their email address, after which INX Sitepass will determine the appropriate log in method based on the email domain. Users with domains specified for SSO will be redirected to their Identity Provider (IDP) for authentication, such as Active Directory. Upon successful log-in, they will be redirected back to INX Sitepass. If the email domain is not configured to have SSO enforced, users can continue to log in using their username and password.
    • Consistent SSO enforcement: For configured email addresses, SSO enforcement applies whether users log in through the default INX Sitepass portal or your organisation’s branded portal.



Account security upgrades when changing a password

We have improved user protection when changing passwords within INX Sitepass’ ‘My profile’ section to help protect user accounts from unauthorised access by adding an additional layer of security.

Users are now required to enter their current password before making a new one – meaning that, if a device is left unattended or is compromised, unauthorised users cannot change the password without knowing the existing password.

If a user forgets their current password, they will be required to log out and use the ‘Forgotten Password’ link available via the login page. Email verification will then be sent to the user, where they can securely reset their password.

Request to enter the current password prior to updating to a new password.


Track login sessions across multiple devices and browsers

We have improved our login session management to support multiple devices and browsers, providing a seamless experience for users who frequently switch between devices. This includes the following enhancements:

    • Multiple active sessions: Users can now maintain up to four simultaneous active login sessions across different browsers or devices. This provides your workforce with uninterrupted login access during their workday even when they switch devices.
    • Session expiry: Sessions on a specific browser or device will expire if there is no activity in INX Sitepass for three days. To help strengthen your organisation’s account security, users will be required to log in to INX Sitepass every 30 days.
    • Security measures: If a user’s password or username is changed, all active sessions will be closed except for the current session. This helps enhance your user security by preventing unauthorised access from previously active sessions.
    • Login session page: The new ‘Login session’ page has been added under ‘My Profile’. Users can view details of their active login sessions, including their device, IP address, location, browser type, login method, and login timestamps. To help provide greater control over their account security, users can also revoke any active session via this page.


‘My profile’ login session tracker.


Enhanced form builder workflow reset feature

To provide greater clarity over the number of workflows impacted by the workflow reset, we have enhanced the form builder’s workflow reset functionality. Real-time monitoring is also available to administrators throughout the reset process.

The workflow reset feature now displays the number of workflows that will be affected by the reset, helping provide administrators with clear insight into the affected workflows before publishing a reset. Once a reset has been initiated, the system will display the total number of remaining workflows to be processed.

A new rule has been implemented that prohibits resetting the workflow status of a form if it has already been selected as part of another form’s workflow. This helps prevent conflicts in the reset process and enhances the integrity of form assignments.

The number of workflows affected by the change made in a form.



Easily manage multiple data fields

We have made it even easier for administrators to manage data fields that contain multiple selectable values, including drop-downs, radio buttons and checkboxes. When editing a field in the form builder, a new panel called ‘Edit field values’ will appear where your administrations can manage the following values in the field:

  • Adding values: Administrators can add new values by clicking the ‘Add’ button and typing the desired value into the text field. Pressing the ‘Enter’ key will provide a new text box for additional entries.

  • Archiving and restoring values: Archived field values are now displayed in a dedicated ‘Archived Field Values’ section. Archived values will be reportable, with ‘(archived)’ displayed next to the value. Archived values can be restored as needed to help eliminate the need to recreate duplicate values.

  • Sorting values: Values can be sorted manually by dragging and dropping them into the desired order. An option to sort values automatically in alphabetical order is also available.

  • Deleting unused values: Values that have not been selected in any form can be deleted, helping your administrators keep their forms clean and up-to-date.


Edit values for a drop-down field.


Improved CSV reports for workflow and operational steps

We have made significant improvements to the CSV reports for workflow and operational steps, providing more detailed and flexible reporting options for your administrators.

  • Employer name inclusion: A new column has been added to display the employer’s name in worker and visitor reports, enabling administrators to view and filter your contractors and visitors based on their employers.

  • Separated time and date columns: The time, date, and timezone columns are now individualised in reports, allowing for more precise filtering and analysis of records based on specific time, date, or timezone criteria.

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