INX+Advanced Cleaning

Provide in-field support to your cleaning workforce

  • Gain complete visibility of your cleaning management processes
  • Provide your cleaning workforce with in-field support
  • Prioritise monitoring and reporting room cleans and schedules
  • Get real-time updates on room availability through INX SAM Suite or INX InFlight


View actionable data through personalised, easy-to-use, interactive dashboards for improved understanding and decision-making

  • Leverage best-in-class data visualisation and BI tools
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Transform your reporting capabilities
  • Build your own custom dashboards


Enable efficient employee and contractor mobilisation with self-registration, booking requests and automated notifications.

  • Enhance your INX InFlight experience
  • Self-service management of bookings and contractor mobilisation requests
  • Leverage powerful automation
  • Create workflows for mobilisation, roster changes, new bookings, cancellations profile management
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