INX+Advanced Cleaning

Provide in-field support to your cleaning workforce

  • Gain complete visibility of your cleaning management processes
  • Provide your cleaning workforce with in-field support
  • Prioritise monitoring and reporting room cleans and schedules
  • Get real-time updates on room availability through INX SAM Suite or INX InFlight
INX+Advanced Cleaning

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INX+Advanced Cleaning is a comprehensive cleaning management system that provides in-field support to your cleaning workforce.

Provide your cleaning workforce with complete visibility of progress, pipelines and allocations. Site managers gain an immediate view of available clean rooms, maintenance needs and cleaning workloads.

A fit-for-purpose solution that includes customised mapping of site accommodation, including room and central cleaning facilities.

Improve efficiencies with pre-configured clean durations and staff rostering times. Manage and automate cleaning runs through a web-based dashboard.

Inbuilt workflows deliver site managers accurate and comprehensive reports across their cleaning processes.

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Our cleaning management platform is tailored to the needs of highly complex, large and remote organisations. INX+Advanced Cleaning has full integration with other INX Software applications.

INX InFlight

INX InFlight simplifies the coordination of rosters, flights, accommodation and housekeeping, and provides your workforce with the updates and information they need.


INX SAM Suite centralises your workforce management operations in an enterprise-level solution.

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